“Mach was mit Kürbissen” (“Do something with pumpkins”) was the latest Herba and Pö challenge and yeah, I got nuthin’! I don’t cook or bake or paint, I don’t know of any pumpkin patches here like they seem to have everywhere in the US, Halloween isn’t a big deal here and I couldn’t think of any pumpkin songs, movies or books… unless it’s Cinderella and her pumpkin that transforms into a carriage, like here in my fave Cinderella movie ever, The Slipper and the Rose. In this movie the fairy godmother (played by brilliant Annette Crosbie) has a little dog who rounds up the pumpkin… Be aware, that this is a 42-year-old pumpkin!

Slipper & Rose pumpkinSlipper & Rose pumpkin (2)

Cinderella (Gemma Craven) gets to sit in the pumpkin that has been transformed magically into a beautiful carriage, with the fairy godmother looking on in delight…

Slipper & Rose pumpkin carriage

… and then she goes to the ball, where the prince (Richard Chamberlain) falls in love with her (and she with him) at first sight…

Slipper & Rose dance (1)Slipper & Rose dance (2)

… and then they dance in one of the most magical movie dances…

Sorry, getting carried away here… Back to pumpkins. Or rather, the lack of pumpkins. I searched for inspiration and took pictures of pumpkins I saw in my supermarket…

I saw these a week later…


When I visited Suzy from the Silverblueling blog a few weeks ago in and around Düsseldorf, she made a delicious pumpkin soup…

I hope she blogs the recipe for all of you to enjoy as well, it was really good!

And yet with all these pumpkins, I still had no inspiration to create anything pumpkin related myself, except for this rambling pumpkin blog post. The theme however did inspire me to buy this at the flower shop around the corner here…

It has been gracing my living room for the past two weeks now and it looks like it will hold a few more days till Halloween. So, even if I didn’t create much myself for this Mach-was-challenge, thank you for inspiring me to buy this lovely decoration, Pö! 🎃 🎃 🎃

9 thoughts on “Pumpkins

    1. Der Film ist teilweise sehr kitschig aber auch sehr lustig, hat gute Dialoge, lustige Lieder und gute Schauspieler… Ich sehe gerade, dass der ganze Film jetzt auf YouTube zu sehen ist! Ich weiss nicht, für wie lange noch, aber Du kannst ja reinschauen, wenn Du möchtest. 🙂

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        1. Es steht schon fast ein Jahr drauf, sehe ich, wird also noch etwas länger dasein, hoffe ich. Wenn nicht, schick mir einen privat Bericht via Twitter, da lässt sich bestimmt was machen… 😉

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  2. I don’t cook at all. I mean you could boil water better than I could and pumpkin is not my fav flavor although I once ate pumpkin cheese cake not knowing it was pumpkin and it was delicious. Halloween is a big deal in the US. My nieces go all out dressed to the nines in the costumes. This year they were Storm Troopers maybe ala Phantom Menace (hmm). I declined to go, sinus headache and did not want to walk around with box of tissue trying to keep up with twin 8 year olds..

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    1. Ah, a fellow non-cook! Nice! Mr Esther mostly cooks at our house but now that he hasn’t been so well, I’ve been doing most of the cooking lately, much to my dislike! He’s cooking again now and again, I can’t wait till he picks that up again all the time! 🙂
      LOL on your nieces as Storm Troopers! Must have looked adorable. 🙂

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      1. They were and they are identical twins (not in personality) so Halloween is a big deal to them. They are also chocoholics so anything remotely sweet and chocolate in taste their eyeballs glaze over! My sister in law sent me pics and all 4 brother, sister in law and twin nieces were the second coming of Star Wars really any of the movies but I use Phantom Menace in loving respect to Richard…


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