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OK, I admit it, I have the ‘Daily Mail online’ as an app on my phone, just for the entertainment section. Their writing is awful – not just the kind of language they use is ridiculous, but they make a lot of spelling mistakes as well. Being quick (and often repetitive as they add on to a story as time progresses) and judgmental is more important to them than being thorough and accurate. I also hate their emphasis on women’s bodies (not in a good way) and their tone is far too sensational. However, I do go there for the pictures because they really do have a lot of them. Recently, when Mr Esther was in hospital, it was an acceptable way to spend a little time without having to think too much. I scroll past all the TV reality shows items / Kardashian stuff / scantily dressed ‘celebrities’ / Mr living barbie doll Ken bullshit, but I do check out the pictures of actors I like at premieres or other events or out and about. There is, for instance, a regular dose of Hugh Jackman in NYC that flashes by on my screen (I swear, that man is photographed almost daily, if not on the ‘Daily Mail’ app, I see it through other sources on Twitter!)…


So, naturally, while looking at the ‘Daily Mail’ (I wouldn’t call it reading), I come across a lot of Meghan and Harry stuff as well. My goodness, they are obsessed with the British royal family and some of the headlines make me skip right along, but they are quick with getting images out. So, it’s not surprising that in recent days they have been posting a lot of Harry and Meghan in Australia pictures and as I was going through some pictures a few days ago, this one caught my eye…

HM umbrella 01

I think it’s just the most adorable picture! And there were more evocative Harry and Meghan with umbrellas in the rain pictures…


The couple is very tactile…


… and I’ve gotta say I was also relieved to see Meghan occasionally change out of her scary high heels into flats for a bit…


… and then this morning I was greeted by these images. I just adore the look of that maxi dress (and the protective gesture of Meghan on her baby-belly)…


They were typically tactile seated on the beach…


… and I come to the conclusion that, even after their beautiful wedding, I still seem to have a soft spot for these two. I can’t imagine the pressure they must be under to always seem nice and smile and look loving and deal with all the scrutiny and attention they get. I wouldn’t say I follow everything they do but I do say that when I come across images of them (mostly via that app), I too am charmed by the warmth they exude and these evocative images only add to the charm. I like looking at them and I really, really hope that outside of this public life, they can also hold on to the warmth and love in private, without intrusion.

13 thoughts on “Evocative images

    1. Yes, that really is cute too! The woman must be exhausted, though, with so many engagements a day where she has to be cheerful and present. I remember I was exhausted for the first few months of my pregnancies, I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat, it got better into the second trimester.

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  1. Servetus

    It makes me wonder what Kate and William would be like / have been like if he weren’t the eldest and heir to the throne. I suspect the Cambridges are a lot more fun than they seem to be in public, where they often look middle aged or like William’s family thinks they should look. I saw what Kate wore to her third child’s baptism and thought, wow, you really are trying to look like 1955. They are really in a horrible position and the contrast to Harry and Meghan draws that into even stronger relief. I just hope Meghan stays as happy as she seems to be now.


    1. I hope so too. I understand they’ve only been together for a little over 2 years – so many changes in so little time! Kate & William were together much longer before they married & I think had a more tested relationship, so already out of the giddy love stage that Meghan & Harry still are in. It’ll be interesting to see how they’ll be 5 or 10 years down the line…

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  2. I would like to put in a pitch for couple of the century Hugh and Debora who I think are just wonderful and down to earth. He does nothing w/out her input and the way they are so affectionate with themselves, their two children and for me their two dogs Dali and Allegra just warms my heart. I’m a dog lover although I love cats too(they don’t always love me back) and how they treat these two dogs as their children just makes my year! You never hear anything bad about them and they are always smiling and genuinely happy as a couple married for 22 years I think!! Meghan and Harry can learn a lot from Hugh and Debora..

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    1. Yep, I’m totally with you! I love Hugh and Deb together as well!! Meghan and Harrry are still very much at the beginning, I really hope they’ll be able to build something like Hugh & Deb over time, but only time will tell.

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      1. I love Harry I do! Meghan I’m sorta well ok. My sister’s theory is Chelsy Davy was the one that got away momentarily and is like Camilla who waited in the wings until Charles and Di couldn’t take it anymore and then Camilla got her turn. I mean Harry why would you the night before your wedding call your ex-lover/girlfriend. That was a huge red flag to me. But if they are happy then so be it. Harry wants to be a daddy so badly too…

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        1. I haven’t followed the Harry & Meghan thing that closely, didn’t know he’d called Chelsy the night before the wedding (how would anyone know that?). I do like Meghan and I hope they’ll be happy in the long run. But they are still in the early stages of their relationship, already expecting a baby and under pressure of a glaring limelight. It’ll be tough!

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  3. Yeah I hope they make it long term. It has got to be rough constantly being hounded by paparazzi and British press hounds and trying to settle into a new life, house, expecting a baby so I agree with you tough going for sure!

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