My customized Richard phone

The cover for my phone is custom-made and has an image of the Crucible painting on it that my mother once made for me. This cover was signed by Richard Armitage himself when I met him last spring


And now my phone has been customized even more! I have a new Richard (and Nina Simone) ringtone: every time my phone rings now, this is what I hear…

Is this fun or is this fun? 🙂


24 thoughts on “My customized Richard phone

  1. This is GREAT!!!! Just exactly what I would do if RA ever happened to say my name. Well done!

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  2. Un fan a soufflé l’idée et vous l’avez réalisée. Félicitations! Mais comme fond musical, j’aurais choisi d’écouter en boucle, l’introduction de la chanson “Parce que tu crois” de Charles Aznavour, entendue dans Océan 8 (soit la version classique ou celles en rap de Dr Dree, puis Eminem et Z-Xibit..)…/parce-que-tu-crois-de-charles-aznavour-a-ete-repris-…

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  3. Ok. That’s it… I’m changing my name to Esther! Fabulous!

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  4. Klasse Idee! will ich hören 🙂

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  5. Oh my, I wish my name was Esther ❤ 😀 although it would make me feel I wanted to answer the phone a lot more often than I really do!

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