My customized Richard phone

The cover for my phone is custom-made and has an image of the Crucible painting on it that my mother once made for me. This cover was signed by Richard Armitage himself when I met him last spring


And now my phone has been customized even more! I have a new Richard (and Nina Simone) ringtone: every time my phone rings now, this is what I hear…

Is this fun or is this fun? 🙂


39 thoughts on “My customized Richard phone

  1. This is GREAT!!!! Just exactly what I would do if RA ever happened to say my name. Well done!

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  2. Un fan a soufflé l’idée et vous l’avez réalisée. Félicitations! Mais comme fond musical, j’aurais choisi d’écouter en boucle, l’introduction de la chanson “Parce que tu crois” de Charles Aznavour, entendue dans Océan 8 (soit la version classique ou celles en rap de Dr Dree, puis Eminem et Z-Xibit..)…/parce-que-tu-crois-de-charles-aznavour-a-ete-repris-…

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  3. Ok. That’s it… I’m changing my name to Esther! Fabulous!

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  4. Klasse Idee! will ich hören 🙂

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  5. Oh my, I wish my name was Esther ❤ 😀 although it would make me feel I wanted to answer the phone a lot more often than I really do!

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  6. Your mom is quite a talented artist. What did Richard think when you asked him to sign it?

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    • Watercolour painting is my mother’s hobby, I was thrilled when she painted that for me a few years ago.
      Copy/pasting Richard’s reaction from when I posted about meeting him at the Newcastle International Film Festival last spring:

      “I took a picture of that image [my mother painted] and made it into a phone cover for my Samsung smartphone a few years ago and again this year when I got a new phone. When it was my turn, I showed Richard my phone and told him my mother had painted that for me a few years ago as a watercolour. I asked him to sign the cover. “That’s an iPhone cover, you want me to sign?” he asked. I said yes (but not an iPhone). He studied the image a little more closely and said ‘That’s The Crucible, isn’t it?” I said yes again, and something more (I think about loving The Crucible) but I can’t remember what! He asked me where he should sign it. I indicated an empty spot in the middle of the image but he said, “Oh no, I couldn’t do that! I don’t want to ruin your beautiful picture!” He hesitated a bit and then decided on signing his initials in the upper right corner. ”

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      • Wow! Kudos to you for maintaining a cool and calm response. I would have passed out I think. That is a great great story and for him to hesitate probably thinking I don’t want to ruin this gorgeous painting with my scribble is also touching like he really cared that you cared and your mom cared about his work. Probably hit home for him the power of performance…


        • Believe me, I felt very far from cool and calm on the inside, I was shaking like a leaf! And I can’t remember all I said to him either, I just hope I didn’t gush and blab. What was really sweet was how in the moment he was and how he took his time. He was totally patient and awesome with the fans in Newcastle, just a joy to observe.

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  7. By the way, he says my name a few times in The Murderer’s Son audiobook. Not in a sexy or romantic tone though, unfortunately.

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