Something Human & The Dark Side

My favourite band Muse has a new single out called The Dark Side. Released 3 days ago, it already has over 2 million views on YouTube! They are doing something different with this new upcoming album. It is somehow softer in music (almost sounds more like pop than their usual rock) but it still is a little dark in tone. The last single, Something Human, came out in July…

I’ve got to say, when I first heard it, I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it. It’s fine but not really Muse, I thought. The vocals are Muse but not quite the music, I’m missing what I call their “singing base guitars”. However, on repeated listening it has grown on me.

Now we have their newest song as well, called The Dark Side and it’s made in the same sort of style as Something Human.

It all has a bit of a 1980s vibe and as the 1980s was the decade of my teens, music of that era is happily nostalgic for me. I like that they’re trying something different. The songs aren’t up there with my Muse faves yet but I am very curious about the new album. Muse’s albums have a bit of a storyline and I wonder what this one will be. I see two songs they brought out earlier (Dig Down that I have already blogged about here and Thought Contagion) will also be on the new album. Those songs seem more old-Muse than these two new-Muse songs. Intriguing.Simulation theory albumTheir new album will be out in November, which means that there should be a new tour next year! I’ll be there. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Something Human & The Dark Side

  1. Something human finde ich auch sehr brav, relativ untypisch.
    Dark side gefällt mir wesentlich besser, und Du hast recht, da steckt viel 80er drin….ich bilde mir ein ein bisschen Ultravox rauszukören 🙂
    Bin sehr gespannt auf die anderen neuen Songs. ❤

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    1. 80s were my teen years, so I liked a lot of top40 stuff. Other than that, I became a David Bowie fan then, I also loved the Paul Simon Graceland album and I loved U2. I used to listen to Cock Robin a lot and I liked Chris de Burgh (before The Lady in Red – after that he became to mushy and polished). Early teens were ABBA and I used to love an Italian duo called AlBano and Romina Power (absolute kitsch). But yeah, also listened to ELO, Spandau Ballet, Madness, Phil Collins, a few Lionel Ritchies I really liked – OMG, so many more! It was a fun decade for music!

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      1. Wow that is a wide range of music. ABBA is my all time fav band. I can recognize their song with like 2 notes. I also loved The Police (saw them in their Farewell Concert in 2008 Sting’s eldest son Joe Sumner’s band opened for them) Depeche Mode, Joy Division which became New Order in 1983, ELO (lot of ELO fans in our group) Kate Bush, saw Phil Collins in concert in the early 1990s solo, Billy Idol, Madonna (until her recent trash), I too listened to a lot of top 40 but also British music. The 1980’s I am well versed in. 1990’s I’m sort of catching up now on music, books, tv shows..


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