Happy Birthday, Richard Armitage!

Thanks for these recent gems on your social media accounts…

Thanks for the time you gave us, and the warmth and grace, at the Newcastle International Film Festival last spring in what, in hindsight, must have been a very painful time in light of your mother being so ill…

Thank you for the lovely little role in Ocean’s Eight, you were delectable!






Thank you for these…

and these…

… and I’m looking forward to your upcoming work!

Thank you also for this…

More donations to LOROS are forthcoming, with thanks also to Guylty’s birthday auction. ❤️Wishing you all the very best for the new year and may your mum’s memory always be a happy and warm one.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Richard Armitage!

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  2. Can you answer a burning question though: at Newcastle that is a McQueen top he has on-is it a tee or a jumper?
    Great pics also! He looked amazing at Newcastle–those close-ups are so swoonworthy! sigh sigh sigh. I hope he had a very low key birthday with his dad, brother and brother’s family and that he wasn’t all alone for it.

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      1. Yeah! the mystery is solved. I thought it was a jumper and we were speculating on Halloween night when he unveiled his McQueen gothie t-shirt if the McQueen jumper at NFF was a jumper or a fancy schmancy tee. Thank you !!


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