Young man!

Yesterday was my son’s 17th birthday. We had dinner with our IL’s and next weekend we have a party with my family (we keep the two worlds and families separate for reasons of sanity). Yesterday, as I was walking behind my two kids after dinner, heading for the ice cream shop to get some good scoops of ice cream for our dessert, I really wondered where the time went. I saw two tall young people walking ahead of me (my daughter is almost my height, my son is almost a head taller than me)…


… when in my mind my kids are still like this in a way…

small kids

I know it’s a huge cliché, but time really does fly!

14 thoughts on “Young man!

  1. Bittersweet! I am sure that you are proud of your (almost) grown-up son, but the memory of the times when the children were small and needed mothering is so precious, too… I try not to think of my children’s ages, because it invariably makes me feel sad because I know that the time will come, soon, when they move out… Grah, nasty dampener – no! So, ending on a high: congratulations to you, too, for raising this tall, lovely young man.

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  2. Servetus

    Congratulations to him! Is he chafing at the bit to move on with things, or is he enjoying his life? How is the apprenticeship / course thing going?

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    1. Thanks!
      He’s doing good and is Always fun to be around. He’s switching his major. He was doing hotel & restaurant management but does not enjoy the restaurant part. He’s going to do hospitality and leisure management now and can still switch to more specialist higher hotel management from there later, if he wants to.

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  3. Happy belated 17th to your son! I know your feelings – and I sway between a feeling of melancholia re past times and curiosity what the future may hold for them. My son is 19, just passed his Abitur and is about to start a combined voluntary service at an elementary school and a sports club being an eager handball player for years. He finds it hard to decide which studies he wants to do so this year may hopefully help him to make his right decision. We are just on holidays with the whole family and I think this may be the last for the next future with my daughter becoming 18 in autumn. Lots of memories and a bit of sadness too. But yes, I am curious what will come next for both of them! 😘

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    1. Thank you! And my son is an eager handball player as well! 🙂
      Yes, decisions are tough and even once decided it’s still tough to figure out if that is what they really enjoy. Good luck with the decision process!
      I too am very curious how my kids will turn out to be in, say, 10 years time. 🙂 And like you, I don’t think my son will come on many holidays with us anymore after this year…

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