2018 RA Fan challenge, part P to T

My fourth set of answers to Guylty’s fan challenge! (Answers A-E here | F-J here | K-O here)

2018 Fan A to Z

P. RA on the big screen or RA on TV?

Basically, for me, it’s RA wherever I can actually see him! The lovely thing of seeing him on the big screen is that you see him larger than life and that is always a bonus! The lovely thing of seeing him on the small screen is that, if he’s doing a series, he can be there every week for a while.  But no, I have no real preference. I just want him to make good stories on a visual platform that I can easily access again and again. Last night I found him on Netflix, which made me happy! 🙂

Q. Third season of BS or not?

Not. I haven’t even braved season two yet…  In season one, I found the storytelling too convoluted, too many plotlines, too many characters, no one to root for. Admittedly, Daniel is wonderful to look at…

… and his ‘love’ interest was called Esther (if it even was love), which means I could hear Richard say my name occasionally…

…but to me Daniel Miller has little to no personality. While Richard really makes the best of it, neither the character nor the storytelling nor the plots have ever been able to really grip me. So, for me, no more  Berlin Station necessary, time to move on.

R. OTPs – what is your favourite pairing of RA’s past work?

It’s just got to be John and Margaret in North and South

S. Which actor would you like to see him paired with in the future?

Ooh, answering it now, I’d say Gugu Mbatha Raw, whom I have only recently really discovered. I’d like to see Richard and her in something romantic together. They already look good together side by side..

I also thought he had great chemistry with Orla Brady in Strike Back, so I’d like to see him work with her again.

But really, any good actress with whom he has chemistry will do! As for actors – if he could be in a movie with Colin Firth and Hugh Jackman, that would be so cool!

Hugh Colin

T. What was the first thing you ever contributed to a fandom?

Have I contributed anything to the Richard Armitage fandom? Well, maybe this blog. Oh, and an N&S fan fiction that I once published on an Armitage forum years ago. Reading it back now, I would change a lot about it, so I’m not owning up to it here… 😉

N&S continued


9 thoughts on “2018 RA Fan challenge, part P to T

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  2. Touché when it comes to BS! I am not very unhappy about RA apparently not on the cast for the third season of BS. His talent was totally underused in the show even though there was plenty of footage of him in season 2. But the character was so badly sketched, it really wasn’t fun to watch.
    I have never really heard about Gugu Mbatha Raw – but just from the pictures I do like the suggestion of the pairing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Is it definite he won’t be involved in season 3? I wouldn’t mind him moving on. 🙂
      Gugu may be a little young (she’s 12 years younger) but they can pull it off I think…


      1. I’m not really sure whether he is part of it or not. Leland Orser and Keke Palmer have already been instagramming from the set – and nothing but silence from RA. If at all, his role is probably tiny. The end of BS2 felt like closure for Daniel and Esther, anyway. But who knows – maybe he’s just going to join the production a little later in August once he has finished filming My Zoe…

        Liked by 1 person

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