Richard on my Netflix screen

I was going to continue my binge-watch of Grace and Frankie on Netflix (I think a post on that may be forthcoming once I finish it) when I saw this on my Netflix homepage after I logged in just now…

BOF Netflix

Richard Armitage prominently and unexpectedly displayed on my screen like that is a great surprise to start my evening off! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Richard on my Netflix screen

  1. Emma

    Hi Esther,
    Just checked and I can see it too!
    And Grace and Frankie is a great series about two wonderful, funny and smart ladies. I hope there will be a sixth series. I look forward to your post.

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    1. Well, Dutch Netflix is doing something right, apparently… isn’t it cool to see him prominently like that? 🙂
      Grace & Frankie, I expected to like it but I find that I like it even more than I expected!


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  3. I started watching Grace and Frankie two years ago and flew through the first season. Then kind of lost touch because the second season wasn’t out yet. I really loved that there was a show whose protagonists were not the usual young pretty things, but mature actors – who still have the same problems and needs and desires as younger people, too. I must catch up.

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    1. You really should. I just finished my binge last night. 4 seasons of episodes and looking forward to season 5 (which will be a while yet, I think)! A post will be forthcoming. 🙂


  4. Servetus

    Just fast forward through most of CGM’s scenes. When I saw it at TIFF my companion and I looked at each other in despair about ten minutes into her crazy overacting. I’m honestly surprised at this point that there hasn’t been an article from a mental illness support group protesting the film (but I’m relieved). HOWEVER, Armitage looks fantastic in that film. All those blue backgrounds!

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