*Thud* !

There’s a trailer for Richard’s latest audiobook that is just… wow… see for yourself…

It almost makes me want to listen to audiobooks… Now, if only this were a trailer for a TV show or a movie, I’d be so excited to actually see this! I especially love that last little look Richard gives at the very end right before he turns away. Seriously, it made my heart miss a beat…

RA lost daughters trailer 01RA lost daughters trailer 02RA lost daughters trailer 03RA lost daughters trailer 04

And then these two photos were released, which I think may be right up there with the best pictures ever taken of the man!



I loved the earlier pictures that were released, of Richard on the beach, but these are even greater! I was wondering what made me love these images so much, and then read Servetus’s little analysis – she has really hit the nail right on the head! A man of experience and a certain maturity, who has lived, is looking at us in a penetrating way – yep, catching my breath again! The second picture has a slight edge over the first one for me, but both are just thud-worthy!

And here, a lovely gif of Richard in the same outfit, taken from a video in which Richard meets the author Joy Ellis. Servetus, notice the boots… 😉


Earlier this week, on Wednesday, I was at the cinema enjoying a ‘ladies’ night’ showing of Ocean’s 8, a week before it starts showing regularly in the cinemas here.


It was not quite as funny as I thought it would be, but it really was fun! I agree with some other reviews I have read, that Sandra Bullock, but especially in my view Cate Blanchett, should have been used more and Anne Hathaway as well. In fact, I felt all of the ladies could’ve been used more. And Richard Armitage too! Maybe I needed the movie to be longer… 🙂

There was even a tiny scene with him pretty much wearing this…

RA insta O8 inspiration 4-6-2018

Richard’s role isn’t huge, but he does really well, especially at the end. I saw subtle comedy in him in his last few scenes that I have never seen him do before; the expression on his face at the end made my friend and me laugh out loud. I yearn to see him do more of that! He certainly was a little weasel in this… Yep, I’ll go watch this again, gladly, once it’s in the cinemas here properly. I need to study it all in a little more depth… 🙂

12 thoughts on “*Thud* !

  1. I was a bit “underwhelmed” after seeing the film, and yes, these ladies were definitely under utilized in the film..RA was awesome for the role he had, funny at times is always a delight to watch, and he should do more I agree…I enjoyed it, just not as much as I thought I would…Kate Blanchette looks amazing btw…

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    1. Yes, it did lack a few things. Not quite as funny as I thought, some characters could have used a little more depth and I think the movie could have used a little more danger and suspense as well, a little more doubt as to whether they would succeed. Despite that, I still really did enjoy this. Maybe not a five star movie but fun for an evening out. And it merits a little closer Armitage-study as well. 😉
      Yep, I really love Cate.

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  2. PS…..The recent photos of Richard Armitage that lit up Twitter yesterday were amazing…This is the RA that makes us swoon, makes us stare at a phone or screen for hours..Phenomenal photos I must say, phenomenal man…

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  3. Hmmm. These photos! I can’t get enough of them! Doesn’t he look completely different than in Newcadtle? Where he was swoonworthy too, of course…
    I don’t expect wonders from O8 but ut’s a good feeling to look forward to some light entertainment. Popcorn-Kino, as we call it. With RA as the cherry on top. 😊
    Thank you for sharing your impressions!

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  4. Servetus

    I did see them! When I posted the vid I titled it “I got my Richard Armitage boot shot.” OMG. Armitage footwear is the best footwear!

    re: the film / humor: I think what made it for me is the many small ironic moments. E.g., Cate Blanchett efficiently disinfecting her hands seconds before she puts the emetic into Anne Hathaway’s soup. Mindy Kaling shouting “bathroom break!” when she gets the necklace — and then pulling down the diapering station to reveal a full jeweler’s toolkit. Just lots of ingenious stuff like that.

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    1. It was less laugh-out-loud funny than I thought it would be but yes, agree that there were many funny little moments! I really want to see it again and I will, hopefully sometime next week. 🙂

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