‘I wanna have RA on the beach!’

More audiobooks to come from Richard… sigh… I wish for more film and/or TV and/or theatre in London with him… The upside is that Audible has released two absolutely lovely images of Richard on the beach to promote his upcoming audiobook “Their Lost Daughters” by Joy Ellis (if you have the inclination, unlike me, you can preorder it here).

Anyway, I already loved this image of Richard on the beach that they released, oh, maybe a week ago?

Richard on the beach

But I think I love this image even more!

RA beach

I love that jacket and sweater, and the scruff, and the grey sky, and the sand dunes backdrop, but what I really love is the grey hair at the sides and the far off, contemplative look! Is this what the character in the book is supposed to look like? If so, I recommend they make a movie of it, starring Richard Armitage looking just like this!

15 thoughts on “‘I wanna have RA on the beach!’

      1. squirrel.0072

        I agree, listening 5, 6, 7 hours without visual supports is impossible, except as car driving perhaps. I prefer reading or watching… Those pictures remind me the 1970 Irish movie “Ryan’s Daughter”, directed by David Lean.


  1. It’s a crime story about a series of murdered girls in that area. I quite enjoyed the book and may have a look in some others too. But there might be too many or similar series of that kind around.


    1. Thanks! Another reason to prefer a TV adaptation – I never read crime novels, don’t like reading them much, but I do like watching these kinds of stories on TV!


  2. I don’t mind listening to the audiobooks in the car. Makes a nice change from the heavy metal my son commandeers the radio for most times! But a tv show or miniseries would be good.

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    1. It’s not just finding the time to listen, it’s that the voice of an audiobook seldom corresponds with the voice in my head, and so it gets annoying to me. Plus, I tend to zone out. Maybe one day if my sight goes, I’ll be able to do it. Until then, yes, give me an RA tv series! 🙂

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