Armitage goodies…

Ocean’s 8 promos are gearing up, which means there’s a trailer out there where we actually get a little snippet with Richard’s voice (at 0:36) and a very short sexy glimpse of Anne Hathaway straddling Richard Armitage (at 1:42)…

I’m really liking the look of all these great women in this movie, I’d have gone to watch it anyway. Having Richard Armitage join this amazing cast of women is an added bonus!

There’s a first Ocean’s 8 interview with the man, it looks to me like it was filmed while or just after he was filming his part last year…

Is it the lighting, or just me, or is it a truth universally acknowledged that he looks very pale here? I do very much like the suit and the shirt, open at the neck; it throws me back to this for some reason…

Besides Ocean’s 8 stuff, a clip appeared of some outtakes of the BBC series The Impressionists that Richard did back in 2006, playing the role of Claude Monet. Some lovely moments and Richard-grins in this video!

I’d seen other outtakes before but there are extra ones here. Such fun!

Last but not least: my hair is starting to show grey streaks more visibly, as is Mr Esther’s, and when I came across this picture of Richard recently with his hair greying at the sides, I felt an immediate connection and a flush of warmth and endearment. I also quite like him in that outfit, the sweater makes him look cuddly in a way.

RA grey

A lovely image to take with me as I head for bed in a few minutes… πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Armitage goodies…

  1. Servetus

    Fairly sure that last one is a manip, but it is a nice picture. The only thing it could be from would be a non-aired part of Berlin Station 2.

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      1. Servetus

        It’s not from any of the aired episodes, in any case, and this interior is not from any of them, either. He has the Berlin Station haircut. I saw the photo when it appeared, and there was no source given, and i looked for a source and couldn’t find one, which is what made me suspicious. I would love to have evidence it’s a real picture, though.

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  2. We discussed this pic on Zee’s blog a month ago or so and apparently it is a manip. I love the jumper and that is a fantastic color on him. Did you see O8? Overall I like the girl power of it and the actresses. I saw it a few times (3 now) and picked up bits and pieces of things going on each viewing that I had missed so that is the mark of a good movie to me!!

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