Domo arigato, Mr Roboto

The latest ‘Mach Was’ challenge is about robots… something I know nothing about and don’t have a great affinity with. However, the theme immediately made me think of the song ‘Mr Roboto’ by Styx that I used to love when I was a teen in the early 1980s…

Domo arigato (‘thank you very much’) is still pretty much the only Japanese I know (besides ‘konichiwa’).

And a robot that I have a special affection for is Wall-E from the 2008 Disney movie of the same name…


I saw the movie with my kids when they were small and along the way I fell in love with Wall-E myself. I can’t imagine any other robot ever being quite as endearing! Wall-E reminded me a bit of the robot from the 1995 movie Short Circuit, who was adorable as well…

… but not quite as adorable as Wall-E. Maybe Wall-E was so adorable because the little machine could convey so much with very few words. Here’s a trailer…

This makes me want to go and watch the movie again!

15 thoughts on “Domo arigato, Mr Roboto

  1. I liked Wall-E a lot. I often think about the humans who can’t even use their legs anymore.

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  2. squirrel.0072

    As project for his next second year in engineering school, my son is applying to study computer science applied to robotic … So cross your fingers, perhaps he would be able to help you better understanding those strange humanoids…
    He likes studying japanish language there too…
    I do not know if I should still be able to see him in flesh and blood regularly

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    • Very cool that he wants to do this!


      • squirrel.0072

        Sure, he has been working on computers, creating plans, toys or in reality in our garden architect buildings and translating japanish mangas, DVD, … ever since childhood. But would he be able to pursue ???
        There is something about Richard Armitage playing Hannibal, when watching “the japanish-robot-humanoid-sweating-sport”, I thought.


  3. […] Geschichte findet ihr hier und Esther’s Beitrag könnt ihr hier […]


  4. squirrel.0072

    Today I came across this scientific and historical article. Good reading!


  5. Wall-E ist ein superschöner Film und ich liebe Styx, leider schon sooo lange her…..

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  6. Dennis DeYoung of Styx came out with the whole Mr. Roboto concept as a rock opera which eventually led to him leaving Styx over ‘creative differences” but you cannot grow as a band by doing ‘Come Sail Away” and “Renegade” on every album. I think that song was revolutionary when it came out. I haven’t seen Wal E maybe I will watch it with my nieces (or suggest it since they are the bosses) when I babysit them in a week.

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