David Bowie night

On BBC Four this evening we stumbled into a Bowie night. First a documentary on his early 1970s time as Ziggy Stardust, an androgynous, alien, rock star persona he invented and adopted for a while. When Ziggy became too successful and he couldn’t separate Ziggy from David anymore, he very surprisingly pulled the plug. While he did play Ziggy songs for the rest of this career during live performances, he never revisited the actual persona again.

The documentary was followed by all sorts of clips of David Bowie performing live at the BBC, like his break-through performance that started Ziggy-mania, singing Starman so magnetically…

Or this one of him performing the fabulous Heroes…

Or performing his song Hello Spaceboy together with the Pet Shop Boys in 1996…

The man was so diverse and such an artistic genius, I will forever love watching him and listening to him! It’s late now and I’m off to bed soon… maybe David will visit my dreams? I sure wouldn’t mind…

13 thoughts on “David Bowie night

    1. Wow, would’ve loved to see that! In 1983 I was 13 and just beginning to be aware of Bowie. I did finally see him live in 1990 in Nijmegen (here in NL) on his Sound + Vision tour. Maybe a little less showy than the thin white duke but still absolutely wonderful! 😍

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  1. Be still my beating heart. 😍 I also was lucky enough to see him live in Berlin in 1990 on his Sound + Vision tour. Breathtaking and like you said: absolutely wonderful. I was heartbroken when the news of his death came on the news. He was such a remarkable and unique artist.

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    1. He really was and I was truly upset when he so unexpectedly died. Thank goodness he lives on his art!
      Oh, and cool that you also saw him in 1990! Berlin was a special city to him, it must have been extra special for him to perform there. πŸ™‚

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  3. I would like to add that I love the Pet Shop Boys too! Their music is wonderful. I was a clubber in college so Pet Shop Boys music was extremely popular. I would have loved to see them in concert. Bowie was phenomenal. I wish I had seen him once in concert but never got the opportunity..

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