I can barely contain my anger over the idiot Trump move to open a US embassy in Jerusalem, and on the eve of Israeli independence too, which Palestinians call the ‘Nakba‘, a time when many Palestinians were displaced in 1948. There goes any remnant of hope for peace in Israel-Palestine… My thoughts are very much there today and in my birth-city of Jerusalem…

Because I am thinking of Jerusalem so much, several songs called ‘Jerusalem’ keep popping up in my head. Most of all the song ‘Jerusalem’ by Sinead O’Connor is playing in my mind… I so can relate to the intensity in this…

Or ‘Jerusalem’ by Dutch singer Anouk…

Or the (not brilliant but catchy) German entry for the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1999 called ‘Reise nach Jerusalem’ (‘Journey to Jerusalem’), sung in German and Turkish, with a little English thrown in and at the very end Hebrew (they came in 3rd that year)…

Or the song ‘Crusader’ by Chris de Burgh, which is a very iffy, one-sided heroic view of the Christians as heroes during the crusades of the Middle Ages. Despite that, I do love the musicality of this song and the repeated line “Jersualem is lost” feels very fitting…

And there’s the Jerusalem song I remember best from my childhood, called Yerushalayim shel Zahav (Jerusalem of Gold)…

Despite the unholy alliance between Trump and Israeli prime minister Netanyahu, I still try to cling to hope for peace for Jerusalem and the region, even though a peaceful two-state solution feels very very far away right now…

Jerusalem 2008

Will there ever be true peace one day in Jerusalem?

12 thoughts on “Jerusalem

  1. Violet

    I believe there will be no peace in Jerusalem until Jesus Christ comes back. Trump’s decision will set up a series of events that will pit Israel in a war against all Muslim nations. I wouldn’t be surprised if the city is one day surrounded by its enemies – which they helped create, btw. Jerusalem is a sacred city to Muslims and they deserve to worship and live there too. All the enmity breaks my heart. 😢


    1. For me, I don’t believe Jesus Christ is the answer, simply because there is no consensus in belief and I think there never will be. And that’s OK, there doesn’t need to be consensus in belief. There does need to be a consensus in respecting and accepting other beliefs and co-existing peacefully despite the differences.
      Jerusalem is so sacred to Judaism, Islam and Christianity and religion is such a personal and emotional concept, that it was never going to be easy to make it a place for everyone. With this move by Trump it has become even more difficult.


  2. Servetus

    I learned it when I converted, but I can’t listen to “Yerushalayim shel zahav” anymore — it’s the theme song of the people who are urging this step on the Jewish side in the U.S. The collusion between politically conservative Jews and evangelical Christians who want to further the apocalypse has moved beyond intolerable and toward concretely dangerous. I can’t even put my current feelings into words.


    1. I don’t hear the song much nowadays, it is indelibly tied to my childhood, and I find it extremely heartbreaking to hear that it is used in such a way by conservative groups. This furthering the apocalypse theory is just absolute bullshit! I always think that is some fringe idea but clearly it isn’t when I hear the reactions of some religious leaders on the news… Everyone’s always talking about Muslim extremism but no one calls this Christian and Jewish extremism and it’s just as bad!


      1. Servetus

        I think the people who have actual plans to physically and literally rebuild the Temple (i.e., they’ve studied it, they have prepared architectural drawings, they support political candidates who they think will accomplish this concretely) are a fringe. But the belief that the events around Jerusalem and Israel are preludes to the Second Coming of Christ, and that because of that we can and should do nothing except support Israel no matter what, is pretty widespread in the U.S. It’s how we end up with guys like the pastor who prayed during the ceremony yesterday, who supports whatever Israel does but *also* believes Jews are going to hell, in public view. The Bible says those who bless Israel will be blessed, so we will do that (never mind that the State of Israel is not what the Bible was talking about), the conversion of the Jews is a scheduled event in the apocalypse, and anyone who doesn’t convert will be damned anyway. Then you get cynical Israelis who think the whole narrative is nonsense but will take support for their annihilationist politics from wherever they can get it, and they find it not only in AIPAC but also in the squadrons of more liberal Jews raised on Israel love through the 60s and the 70s who sang “Yerushalayim shel zahav” at summer camps during their childhood.

        The whole thing leaves me ashamed of Americans, conservative Christians, and my fellow Jews all the same time (groups with which I have varying associations). A triple whammy of disgust and horror that lands on top of my powerlessness.


  3. I only want to add here from a non religious pov (I abstain from any religious talk and won’t blog about it either) that for any peace to ever happen between Israelis and Palestinians there has got to be a meeting of the minds that tolerance of both sides politically, socially, and economically must occur. Building walls and borders and violating Peace Accords only exacerbates a situation that is precarious and historically a shit show in my opinion. Violence from both sides must cease. A two state I think is the only tangible solution and the US and Muslim countries need to stay out of any attempts at peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

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      1. Yes I know and women white women voted for him (my sister in law included in that bunch). I am really scared for 2020. The Dems have no real leader that could effectively oppose him right now. O’Rourke is too young and many don’t like Elizabeth Warren and Biden is too old., The mid-terms here were blah.. yes some strides forward but its checks and balances and Dems wrestled some of that back which is good but in my mind not enough right now…


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