Richard & Caroline chatting @NIFF

A few pics of event one, waiting for Urban premiere to begin.

22 thoughts on “Richard & Caroline chatting @NIFF

    1. They said to keep the first row clear so we sat in the second but then no one actually sat in front of us, so we had a clear view. It was a small venue and we were close. 😊

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  1. OMG – front row seat? You were right there!!!! Fantastic. Brilliant pics, Esther. And thank you for taking them and posting them so quickly. Yay! And now I hope you like the film…

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  2. Da war er ja in greifbarer Nähe… ich bin schwer beeindruckt und freue mich sehr für dich.
    Hoffentlich erfüllt der Film die Erwartungen. Ich bin schon gespannt darauf, was du zu erzählen hast.

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