‘Suits’ is almost back!

In early February it was announced that my current fave TV series Suits is returning for the second half of season 7 (the last 6 episodes) on March 28th.

Suits 7b

I saw this short trailer back then…

… and then had to make myself not look at it again and again, because that only gets me worked up and extremely impatient during the wait and I really can’t deal with feeling worked up. Right now my job is fun but very stressful, I can’t take on any TV or movie or upcoming-Richard-Armitage-projects excitement/stress on top of that. However, now that March 28th is almost upon us, I am finally allowing myself to get excited! Here, another promo which is Mike and Rachel centered. Both of them are leaving the show (Meghan Markle to get married to a real-life prince and Patrick J. Adams was ready for wanting new challenges elsewhere), so there will be some nostalgia there…

On Twitter, there’s a countdown going on as well, today featuring Donna (Sarah Rafferty)…

I have a feeling that tomorrow’s picture will feature Harvey (Gabriel Macht)… Arrogant, worked up, pompous Harvey has already been featured here and there…

… but I’m mostly looking forward to vulnerable Harvey behind the tough exterior, like we see in this picture from the upcoming episode!

Suits - Season 7

Maybe I am overly excited (this is a Lizzie Bennet Diaries gif)…

LB overreacting gif.gif

… but it totally beats watching the news these days! 🙂

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