Handsome Hugh @Empire Awards

Hugh Jackman was in London yesterday for the Empire Awards (given out by movie magazine Empire). I had forgotten that he was nominated (for Logan) or that the awards were coming up but was reminded yesterday when Hugh tweeted this picture of himself, all dressed up and ready to go to the awards show…

I have a weakness for men in 3 piece suits and Hugh Jackman in a 3 piece is no exception! Wow! He looked handsome in the audience during the awards…

… and he won the award for Best Actor for his role in Logan (deservedly, he was truly brilliant in that!). When he got up he embraced his young co-star in Logan, 12-year-old Dafne Keen.

HJ Empire Awards 06

He looked handsome accepting his award and in his speech he apparently had his wife there with him on his phone on Facetime so that he could thank her as well…

Dafne Keen, with whom he starred in Logan, won the best female newcomer award (also deservedly, she was absolutely brilliant as bi-lingual Laura)…

At the MTV awards last year, Hugh and Dafne were photographed in Wolverine-pose as they picked up an award together for ‘Best Duo’, you could almost mistake them for father and daughter…

HJ & DK Logan MTV awards

Back to last night’s Empire Awards, Hugh also tweeted a sweet picture of the two of them together…

… and went on to looking handsome again in his 3 piece suit after the awards…

It was a double pleasure seeing all these images today – it’s always a pleasure looking at Hugh but I’m also very happy that he and Dafne were recognized for the awesome jobs they did on Logan.

6 thoughts on “Handsome Hugh @Empire Awards

  1. Herzlichen Dank, das hätte ich ohne dich wahrscheinlich verpasst. Ich freue mich für ihn, er hätte für diesen Film wirklich (noch) mehr Anerkennung verdient.
    Oh, und er sieht in der Tat soooo gut aus, da stimme ich dir vollkommen zu. Du hast einen ansonsten sehr grauen Tag beträchtlich aufgeheitert.

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