Not all that glitters is gold

It’s no secret that I am also a Colin Firth fan and, from afar, I always loved seeing his apparent rock solid marriage to his wife Livia.

In recent days, however, it has emerged that the marriage is not as rock solid as it seemed… The Firths have accused a former friend of Livia’s of stalking and yesterday an official statement was made. According to the statement the Firths had briefly separated in private and during that time, from the summer of 2015 till end of spring 2016, Livia apparently had an affair with the man who is allegedly now stalking them. Colin and Livia reunited again after that time.

I was scrolling back on blog here, to see where I was gushing over their marriage, like in this post in 2015  or in this post, when their marriage apparently was already very rocky. At the time when I posted pictures of them in Cannes in 2016, Livia was still in that affair, although it ended soon after. I always thought they looked happy and comfortable with each other, but this goes to show that not all that glitters is gold. People can look very happy together in public and be not so happy in private…

Every marriage has its ups and downs, I know that, but ultimately I always hope that most of the time couples are actually happy together. So yes, it breaks my heart reading all this. I don’t know why their marriage was rocky, I don’t know what their issues are (and I don’t need to know), but I do like that they seem to want to work at it. I do wish all the best for Colin and Livia and I hope they can come through this stronger than ever!

Colin Livia Firth march 2018

My life is not nearly as dramatic as all this but by golly, am I glad that it is not held up under a microscope like that…

9 thoughts on “Not all that glitters is gold

  1. I was always impressed by their steadfast relation and I hope for them that the public issue it has become won’t harm any further or break up old wounds… May they be able to keep some privacy!
    Even Mr Darcy’s marriage is not immune to storms and upheals…

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    1. Yes, I too hope it can be resolved relatively privately and relatively away from public scrutiny. I hate that when public marriages go through difficulties (like Pitt/Jolie or Ewan McGregor’s marriage or Aniston/Thoreau) they get stalked by paparazzi and all sorts of rumours start flying around from ‘reliable sources’. It’s hard enough already, the statements have been made, let them get through it in peace…

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  2. I am a huge fan of Colin Firth as well but must admit I know little of his private life…However, they seem to have weathered a few storms and I wish them well….Marriage is a 24/7 job and they seem to work well together…

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  3. Servetus

    Infidelity is a huge obstacle to climb over, if what I’ve observed in the lives of ordinary mortals is any indication. But perhaps they can bond over their response to the stalker. Uch. I hope it works out for them.

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      1. Servetus

        So here I express one of my relatively rare reactionary social opinions: I don’t get how you can be “on a break” from fidelity. You’re either faithful or you’re not. If you’re in a relationship with a third party, you are unfaithful. Obviously I’m not either of them and I recognize that other people have other mores and other feelings, but I personally would regard the decision to be emotionally and/or physically intimate with someone else a sign that the relationship was over.

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        1. Yep, I agree, you’re either in a relationship or not. and when you are in it you are either committed to fidelity or you both agree you’re not committed to that!
          I don’t know whether they committed to fidelity or not and I don’t know how their ‘break’ was defined Was it a ‘real’ break-up but they were still living together to keep up appearances and then later decided to get back together again after all? Or was it a temporary break – sort of still in the relationship but sort of not either?
          I’m with you on the fidelity, I just have no idea how they are with that and what kind of ‘break’ they were on. So, basically, I wish them a happy resolution, whatever that may be for them. 🙂

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