The big freeze

While the UK has been disrupted through all the snow, across the pond over here in The Netherlands it has been exceptionally cold as well. We’ve only had a dusting of snow but most of all it’s been like living in a freezer here the past few days. When that happens, the Dutch get excited as all the water we have in this little country starts to freeze. We have lots of canals here and once it gets this cold for a few days, the Dutch take to the ice on skates! I blogged about the Dutch passion for ice once before. Alas it happens so little now, that skating can hardly be called a national pastime anymore. For the past 4 or 5 days, however, the water has been freezing and as it’s the weekend now and probably the last day of ice before it all starts to thaw, lots of people took the opportunity to skate today. Like here, close to where I live…


Even closer to home, there’s a pond right near our house where I took a moment to stand on the ice myself (my ankle has been healing quite well after I chipped it two weeks ago, so I dared it)…

… but at the edges the ice was already cracking when I stood on it and a little further on there was some open water near and under a bridge that the ducks took to…


I never learned to skate properly, so I’m more of a moral supporter of skating. My son had to work today but my husband and my daughter did take to the ice on skates. Mr Esther took a few pictures of my daughter in action…

skating 01skating 03skating 02

It’ll all really start to thaw properly tomorrow, so I’m glad we at least got this little glimpse of Dutch winter on camera today. 🙂

10 thoughts on “The big freeze

  1. Servetus

    She looks like she’s having fun! We had 30 inches when ice-fishing started, but I think it’s down to 8-12 now. People are still out there, though, even though the ice is rough.

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    1. Yes, she was having fun! It had been a long time since she last skated, so she was quite tired when she got home. 🙂
      I can’t even imagine what it’s like to have 30 inches of snow…


      1. Servetus

        well, ice. At the temperature it was here in January, the lake ice thickens at roughly two inches per day. We had three weeks without breaking 32F/0C and some days much colder. We didn’t get much snow this winter. These days we might get 30 inches over a whole winter, so there’s a few inches on the ground usually but not so much. When I was growing up it was snowier.

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          1. Servetus

            You could probably have it 8-9 of 10 years here. Two feet is the minimum for driving your truck onto the lake. Some people will do it with less but our family benchmark is two feet. But the lake ice isn’t smooth — it’s rough and if you want to skate on it you need to prepare it somehow.

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  2. Fabulous. We do the same back in Northern Germany (which is as flat as the Netherlands), and I used to go ice-skating with my granddad who had a pair of original, Dutch skates (which he donated to the local museum in his later days).

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  3. It’s great that your family was able to get out and have some fun on the ice! We have a lot of indoor rinks and an outdoor one the top of Grouse Mountain. But last year was the first time in 20 years that our city lake, Trout Lake, froze enough for people to skate on it. Didn’t happen this year. On the bright side, it feels like spring here in Vancouver this weekend.


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