Speculating on Richard in a musical

I was reading yesterday that Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis will be making a musical! Only one cast member is known as yet, for the rest of the cast the article says: “Boyle and his casting director have auditioned scores of actors for other roles…”

Almost two years ago I was dreaming of seeing Richard Armitage in spandex, but alas, that didn’t happen, the musical he seemed to be going to make at the time fell through. Richard has worked with Richard Curtis before on The Vicar of Dibley and I’m sure there must be some awareness that Richard can sing, even though we’ve only heard a little of that…

Didn’t Richard say in some interview a while back that he’d love to make a musical? How cool would it be if he was one of the many who auditioned for this Boyle/Curtis musical and he got a part? He’d get to work with Danny Boyle and he’d work with Richard Curtis again! That could be a nice new boost for his career. I mean, audiobooks are all well and good, but I want to see Richard on the big screen again and I wouldn’t mind it being a musical either…

The play thing he said he would be doing before the summer doesn’t seem to be happening and the Julie Delpy project he was going to do this spring has been postponed. Who knows what is even happening with Berlin Station… The filming for this new musical will “start later in the spring” so maybe Richard has an opening in his schedule now to do this? I for one would love that!

(Just to be clear, all of this is pure speculation!! There is no reason whatsoever to really believe this is a thing, except for maybe in my mind…)

5 thoughts on “Speculating on Richard in a musical

  1. How boring would RAddiction without speculation? I like your thoughts: why not go for something ‘light-hearted’ to entertain the greedy crowd? πŸ˜‰ I just returned from cinema and was very surprised to see the trailer for Ocean’s 8 in my local cinema. There he was, though really short and hardly recognisable for those less involved… I definitely share your wish to SEE
    him on the big screen in a role that suits him! Fingers crossed!

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