Ch… ch… ch… ch… Changes!

The other day David Bowie’s widow Iman tweeted this image below…

David Bowie these children that you spit on

It’s a quote from Changes, which is one of my favourite Bowie songs. It was written in 1971 for a different generation, the baby boomers, who were part of a whole lot of change. That particular quote has also been used for the youth of another generation, the Gen X’ers like me, in the excellent 1985 movie The Breakfast Club (see the end of the title sequence, at about 1.45 mins into this clip)…

and now it is getting linked to another new generation, the late millenials, the young students protesting for change to gun laws in the US right now. To me it’s a perfect theme song for demanding such change! David Bowie’s words live on…

Here’s the whole song; always worth a full listen in my book!

I love what these young people are doing and sincerely hope their voices will indeed finally lead to change! I may be a liberal, stupid European who doesn’t truly understand Americans and American culture, but I’ve gotta say, I’m totally with Stephen Colbert on this one…

… and with Trevor Noah…

From where I’m standing, ch… ch… ch… ch… changes would be an excellent thing!

8 thoughts on “Ch… ch… ch… ch… Changes!

  1. Servetus

    I can’t stand Stephen Colbert and his ilk — if he wants to do some good, he should go into politics and make some sausage. Standing at the sidelines and getting Americans to jeer at each other is really not helping the situation at all.

    That said: I can’t tell you how awful it’s been here this week. Seeing Wayne LaPierre on television and realizing this is now part of our “rational” discourse about weapons in the public sphere is simply nauseating.

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    1. His ilk – like other talkshow hosts? Gotta say, I don’t know Colbert that well, I just see clips now and again on YouTube. I don’t like all of ’em but I did like this one. Maybe he just isn’t very good at the political game and his job lies in highlighting a resistance opinion. I don’t see it as jeering, but then I don’t really know how his opinions are received in the US. To me, what he says here, makes sense. Just like Trevor Noah makes sense to me as well!

      Yes, I saw a bit of Wayne LaPierre over here as well and it sent chills down my spine…


      1. Servetus

        There’s been a turn since the 2000s, of which Colbert is a part, to people, especially the liberal-minded, getting their news from talkshows. (So-called “infotainment”) — Jon Stewart was and Trevor Noah is another example). No one except people who already agree with Colbert watches him regularly (just like any kind of propaganda — this was true in 16th c. Germany and 20th c. USSR; propaganda pretends its job is to convince opponents or the undecided, but it has the sole function of bolstering the identity of the already convinced). Those who disagree watch clips from his show only so that they can feel misunderstood / persecuted; otherwise they avoid him. Colbert isn’t the worst of them (that was Jon Stewart), but he’s the main one at the moment. Every now and then Dad and I accidentally end up watching Colbert because we’re watching the news program on the channel before it comes on, and dad falls asleep with the remote in his lap. Then he hears the laughing and wakes up. I occasionally find him funny; dad just finds him enraging, and his reaction is typical of people with his political opinions. If you didn’t *already* agree with Colbert, would this convince you? It doesn’t — it just has the effect of making those people feel angrier and more persecuted than they already feel.

        I’m strongly opposed to the current president, and much of his public policy, and I am horrified by the current situation with regard to firearms (which, it must be admitted, is a long-term situation and not just the Trump administration’s fault). Nonetheless — these comics are just making things much worse. They are the most arrogant examples of what conservatives call “Hollywood liberals” (and Colbert isn’t even very liberal). If they wanted to get off their high horses and have conversations with actual people who hold opposing opinions and try to convince them, they’d see that their strategy makes things worse. Instead, they are paid millions of dollars to deepen the divisions between us. They just happen to do it from the left. If the US does turn further right (which is a distinct possibility), people will remember Colbert et al like they remember the cabarettists of Weimar Germany — funny, but/and fiddling while Rome burns.


        1. Thanks for explaining. I wonder, in your view, is this a thing typical of the left or are there talkshows like this on the right as well?
          People should never take these shows as their primary source of information! For me, it is an addition, a commentary that yes, presents a view I already share. For a large part, anyway. I can’t imagine anyone on the right even wanting to watch these shows. But then, my outsider view is that US media is very polarized into right and left anyhow. Not only talkshows, but news channels as well. It feels like most of the news is propaganda from the left or the right.
          Over here, I don’t feel the news is by far as polarized. I get annoyed at Dutch news for being too self-absorbed (I generally find German and English news coverage better) but it is generally not too right or too left leaning. I always wonder how anyone in the US can have a balanced view on anything with Fox News on the right and CNN on the left. Is there no center of the road news service?


          1. Servetus

            There are absolutely center news outlets — AP and Reuters are “facts only.” C-SPAN carries uncut governmental coverage of votes, debates etc. Then there are many that are close to center but wear their perspective openly so the reader/viewer can tell: WSJ, NYT, Atlantic, Economist. CNN / HLN was never all that left, but it has become so in response to the current president. The major broadcast channels aren’t really left or right (although you will hear people say they are) — they’re populist. IMO for hard news it’s not that different from Germany — if you want hard news, you read SZ (slightly left) or FAZ (slightly right) and you’re aware of that. You know that ARD is slightly left of ZDF. If you want the “view from nowhere” you read Spiegel. If you’re reading the taz or Frankfurter Rundschau or the Handelsblatt or whatever, you know what you’re getting.

            The problem isn’t with hard news, which still does exactly what it’s always done. The problem is with the public’s increasing consumption of programs that seem to be about news but are really entertainment. There are absolutely shows that are like this on the right. In fact, if you watch a few of them you can see exactly how problematic someone like Colbert is — he’s just as bad as someone like Bill O’Reilly (whom he originally parodied; that was the entire shtick of his original show), I just happen to agree with him more of the time. This is the kind of “news” younger people increasingly consume — and they don’t even consume all of it. They just consume the parts of it that please them, and they are never confronted with either the whole story, and certainly not with a reasonable position about points of view with which they degree. As a consequence those points of view are increasingly demonized, political opponents appear more ridiculous, and the public becomes more polarized. That they laugh about it while doing it makes the whole thing more palatable to them and more aggravating to those who disagree.

            re: people on the right watching stuff like this — they *also* don’t consume the whole show. They consume the part of the show that someone has identified for them as particularly objectionable — usually shared via social media by the likeminded. This pattern ensures the maintenance of the worldview. It’s the equivalent of the internet “hate read.”

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  2. Trump ist doch völlig durchgeknallt! Jetzt will er auch noch die Lehrer bewaffnen, wo soll das alles denn enden?
    Aber ich finde es klasse, dass die Jungen Leute jetzt auf die Straße gehen. Sie könnten wirklich was bewirken! vor allem in dieser großen Zahl 🙂 Und das sind die Wähler von Morgen.

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