So, a first trailer has appeared of the upcoming Wolverine podcast where none other than Richard Armitage will be voicing Wolverine. Here’s the trailer, Richard can be heard several times, the first time at 1:01 minutes…

I’ve gotta say, to me he sounds better here than ever before. Depth of voice and such intensity… I think he’ll do great as Wolverine! I don’t do audiobooks well (or in this case, podcasts) but for the first time I am thinking I might actually listen to his audiowork on this all the way through for a change!

As I am very much into catching up with Hugh Jackman right now, I was also just now listening to a podcast Hugh Jackman did for Empire magazine this past December about The Greatest Showman. Then close to the end, unexpectedly and to my great delight, Hugh gets asked about Richard Armitage playing Wolverine and what he thinks of someone else taking over his role! Have a listen (from 18:25 minutes till 20:05 minutes)…


Hugh Jackman brilliantly played Wolverine for the very last time a year ago in Logan (watch the great trailer here – in my humble opinion Hugh was robbed not being nominated for an Oscar for this!). He leaves a great challenge for anyone to follow in his footsteps. Yet, going by what I heard in the Wolverine podcast trailer above, I do believe that Richard can deliver the intensity needed.

So, intense Wolverine/Logan played by Hugh…

… will be followed by intense Wolverine played by Richard! As I hear him as Wolverine, with above intense images of Hugh in mind, I think of Richard doing The Crucible with the same intensity…

Hugh says he is excited to see what other people will do with ‘his’ Wolverine and I’ve gotta say I am quietly getting exciting for Richard doing this now too!

24 thoughts on “Wolverine

    1. Yeah, he kept his reply general. I too wouldn’t mind to hear Hugh Jackman mention Richard Armitage by name, but I’m sure he does wish him well, as, in general terms, he has said he’s looking forward to what others will do with the role. Hugh is nothing if not generous about his fellow actors I am finding out. 🙂

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  1. When that teaser dropped yesterday, I was more than surprised to find myself so drawn into the story and so affected by the narration. I am genuinely excited for this podcast – and I’m not even a fan of the Wolverine. You must be thrilled to bits. Honestly can’t wait to hear more of RA as Wolverine.
    And good on HJ for letting go of Logan now. I think that is a great decision, and he is standing over it with grace and no regrets. Good man.

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    1. I wouldn’t say I’m a Wolverine fan but I did always enjoy his character and therefore have always watched the films. I never liked Wolverine for the claws and muscle and the badass fighting. Instead, I always felt for him as he’s such a tortured soul who just tries to survive, always follows his own radar and fights for the right cause. At first he doesn’t understand (amnesia) how he came to be how he is and once he does find out, he really prefers to get away from it all but can never really escape. I also love his relationship with Professor X (played by Patrick Stewart) but he won’t be in this podcast, I don’t think. Anyway, all this tortured soul stuff is right up Richard’s alley, I’d say!

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  2. Even if Jackman did an amazing job playing Wolverine, it’s still Wolverine, not my favourite Marvel character. Always Wolverine….There are so many other great characters amongst Xmen team – and Marvel universe…
    Well, I enjoyed listening to Richard as Logan^^

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  3. I am so excited for this podcast ! The trailer sounded great, Mr. A. sounds amazing as Wolverine, so excited am I, I’m willing to pay for Stitcher Premium to follow along ! I love both these actors and would be elated to see them in a project together……………………………..perhaps one day(?)

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  4. Fatima

    Another Hugh/Richard connection times infinity…..Anne Hatheway. She was in Les Mis and in Ocean’s 8/Alice in Wonderland. C’mon, she must have noticed they can be brothers with the right script.

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  5. Yes! He sounds great in this one. I’m no fan of comic books and unfamiliar with Wolverine as a character or storyline, but I’ll give it a try for sure. I’m also no fan of video games and yet, I thought Castlevania was awesome, so I expect this will once again broaden my horizons…

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  7. Das macht er aber richtig gut.
    Ich freue mich wirklich, dass das geklappt hat und ich jetzt RA in diesem von mir sehr geliebten X-Men-Universe genießen kann. Logan sowie die komplizierte Beziehung zwischen Charles und Eric mag besonders gerne. Schwierige Persönlichkeiten mit Ecken und Kanten liegen mir sehr am Herzen.

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