Falling in love with Hugh again…

I have always liked Hugh Jackman, ever since I saw him in Kate and Leopold and in that first X-men movie back in 2000. He’s very much my ‘tall, dark, handsome’ type but while I always really liked him a lot, something held me back a little from absolutely loving him. Maybe it was the Wolverine thing. I really like the X-men movies, I think I’ve seen all of them, including the Wolverine ones, but Jackman was mostly an action star from my perspective and that’s not usually what I go for.

Then I remember seeing him presenting the Oscars in 2009, doing the opening number. I can tell you, I was blown away by that. Up until that point I had no idea he could even do that (silly me, if I had cared to look, I could have found out that he’s won Tonys on Broadway!).

I fell a little bit in love with him that evening. I have rewatched that opening sequence countless times since and I still love it! I started paying a little more attention to Hugh after that but still didn’t watch everything (there were more X-men). Then he did Les Miserables and he blew me away in that too!

He got nominated for an Oscar for the role of Jean Valjean, but alas lost out to Daniel Day Lews in Lincoln. My admiration has been growing for him since then. Then last week, I went to see The Greatest Showman.

Reviews for it have been so-so, I didn’t expect that much. There had been such a hype about La La Land last year and, though alright, I didn’t really like that movie that much. So, with the so-so reviews, I thought this would be in the ‘just OK’ category as well. The movie has Hugh Jackman, however, so my friend and I decided to give it a shot and we were not disappointed! It’s not a true portrayal of P.T. Barnum’s life, it’s rather a fairytale interpretation, but I have to say I loved every second of it! The acting and singing and dancing was great, the music was totally awesome, it was upbeat, happy, had a message of tolerance and inclusion, I left the cinema with a huge smile on my face and Hugh Jackman finally, totally won me over! I am so going to go see this one again… Here’s a video of the final song of Hugh’s in the movie, taped during a private performance to get the filming greenlit…

In a later interview I saw, he said he had popped a few stitches in his nose after doing this performance (he had just had cancerous tissue removed from his nose). Here is another clip from that same session, of the song This Is Me from the movie, which garnered an Oscar nomination yesterday!

Alas, that’s the only nomination this movie got, which I think is a shame (especially compared to La La Land last year!).

After seeing that, I remembered that I hadn’t watched Logan yet, which was released early in 2017 and which is the absolute last movie in which Jackman plays Wolverine. I had heard good things about it, that it was grittier and different from other Wolverine movies, and so I finally watched it last weekend.

OK, so this remains a superhero movie, but my goodness, it really was different! It was more real than any of the other movies ever felt, and yes, gritty. Wolverine is weary and battled and scarred and very touchingly cares for a very old and fragile Professor X (Patrick Stewart being brilliant again) and the young girl that comes into Wolverine’s reluctant care (played by Dafne Keen) is also excellently played! Wow, this really was a great, gritty end to the Wolverine saga, with the message that a life of killing really has it’s price… The screenplay for Logan was nominated for an Oscar yesterday as well, and I think that’s the only Logan nomination, which is really a huge shame! To me, Hugh Jackman should have received his second Oscar nomination for this!

When I think of these two polar opposite roles Hugh plays so extremely well, one right after the other, I have to say that I am blown away by this man’s talent! The man really is being robbed by not being recognized with at least an Oscar nomination for one of these two movies…

While I was catching up on Hugh Jackman movies, I also watched the movie he did in 2016 called Eddie the Eagle where he plays a down on his luck ex-Olympian ski jumper who coaches a hopeful Olympian (based on a true story). In that movie he was excellent as well, in a more supporting role!

In this movie he also reminded me of Richard Armitage more than ever before. Here he is in the movie with sunglasses…

Hugh Jackman Eddie the Eagle

… and here’s Richard with sunglasses…

I can understand how people mix them up!

Oh, and Hugh Jackman has another huge thing going for him: a very happy marriage for over 20 years to his wife Deb, who is 13 years his senior.  He still seems head over heels in love with her (he mentions her constantly, lovingly, in interviews)…

… and adores the two children they adopted together…

This man is maturing so very nicely and doing such great things with his career right now! I’ll be following his projects more closely now and have just started dreaming about seeing him live on Broadway one day… 🙂

23 thoughts on “Falling in love with Hugh again…

  1. Violet

    I absolutely love Hugh Jackman! His role in Logan is definitely Oscar worthy and I was sad that he was overlooked. He is extremely talented and even though that’s a good reason to admire any artist, I look up to him because he’s such a decent man. In addition to what you mentioned about his family, he forgave his mother – who abandoned her family to go back to England and left his father to raise him and his siblings alone. That impresses me tremendously. He is a bonafide movie star but even more important, he’s a positive role model.

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    1. From what I saw before, I did know he was a decent guy but I’ve been immersing myself in Hugh Jackman interviews and articles and he really sounds like the real deal nice guy! I I didn’t know that about his parents until this week… Yes, he has wonderful warmth and depth of feeling… as does his wife!

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      1. Violet

        His wife is a briiliant actress and a worldwide advocate for adoption. There’s an Australian version of the old ‘This Is Your Life’ TV show and I found an episode on You Tube dedicated to her. Hugh was instrumental in working with the producers to plan it and boy, did it bring tears to my eyes, seeing how much he loves her. She is a lady worthy of admiration. I wish I could meet her!

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        1. I have the exact same feeling about her! I’ll look that video up. Yes, I love love love how Hugh adores Deb.
          I have adopted siblings myself, so this whole adoption thing she does totally fascinates me.

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  2. What a lovely post! I confess, I have recently been on the verge of “cheating” with Hugh Jackman. I watched a few interviews with him and his wife, and he comes across as such a nice guy. (Dare I say it: even nicer than RA *eeeeek* – no, offense, I still love RA dearly, but Hugh’s interview manner is a notch up from what is already a rather nice show by RA…) I had not seen the Oscar opening – and you are right, absolutely stunning. But the cracker was the private performance for PT Barnum. OMG, what a great clip – the JOY of making music together is so tangible in that clip.
    Anyway, based on your recommendation I am now thinking of going and watching the film. Just need someone to go with me…

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    1. Yep, have also been watching interviews with him and his wife. Such a great couple!! He comes across as more relaxed and, I guess, open than RA. There’s such an ease and a charm there.
      Aw man, that Oscar opening – I love that bit with Anne Hathaway! “Oh… Nixon!” – ROFL! And he ends it in true spectacle. He’s a true showman in that Oscar thing, just as he is in the movie.
      Yeah, love those two private performance clips as well. Such joy! Feels just like the movie.
      If I were closer to you, I’d go with you to watch it again! I was going to take my daughter to see it this afternoon after school but she came home sick… Maybe this weekend.

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      1. Ease and charm, that’s what it is with Jackman, you are right. Maybe it is that New World, Aussie light-heartedness, but he just really comes across as an everyman, despite bona fide movie star credentials. I suppose he is more relaxed because he doesn’t have this obsessive privacy thing going on 😉
        I would so love to have a regular movie-going friend like you!!!

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  3. Herzlichen Dank für diese schöne Zusammenstellung. Du sprichst mir aus dem Herzen. Ich habe eine große Schwäche für Hugh Jackman seit ich die X-Men Filme näher verfolge. Besonders in seinen Interviews finde ich ihn extrem sympathisch und erfrischend natürlich (ganz besonders in Kombination mit dem von mir sehr geliebten James McAvoy). Die beiden Videos aus den Proben zu The Greatest Showman habe ich vor einigen Tagen entdeckt und ich bekomme immer wieder Gänsehaut, wenn ich sie mir anschaue/höre – so viel Begeisterung und Leidenschaft. Schön, dass es Menschen gibt, die mit so viel Freude ihrer Arbeit nachgehen können (selbst mit 18(?) Stichen in der Nase).

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    1. Ja, 18 Stiche! Spielt der Film schon in Deutschland? Ich hoffe, wenn es da kommt, dass diese Lieder in der Original-Sprache zu hören sind. Der Film ist genau so freudig wie die Proben!
      Oh ja, James McAvoy mag ich auch. 🙂
      Ich mochte Hugh auch immer gern, aber ich glaube ich ben jetzt wirklich ein bisschen verliebt! In ihm und seiner Frau!

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      1. Ja, der Film läuft auch bei uns und die Lieder sind tatsächlich in der Original-Sprache zu hören. Bisher konnte ich ihn aber leider noch nicht sehen, da bei uns beruflich und familientechnisch gerade sehr viel los ist. Zur Not werde ich mir die DVD anschauen. Seine Frau und er sind ein wunderbares Paar – ich hoffe, dass das noch sehr lange so bleibt.
        Ich war erstaunt wie ähnlich sich RA und er mit Sonnenbrille sind 🙂
        Hugh könnte Richard etwas von seiner heiteren Gelassenheit in Interviews abgeben. Obwohl auch er immer wieder von Selbstzweifeln geplagt ist, scheint es ihm besser zu gelingen, einfach auch mal Spaß an der Sache zu haben. Das würde RA auch gut tun. Er ist oft so sehr auf der Hut und nur selten blitzt sein Humor durch. Warum war er eigentlich nie bei Graham Norton? Soviel ich weiß war er nicht einmal zu Hobbit Zeiten dort.

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        1. Ja, genau, etwas mehr Gelassenheit wäre auch schön, um bei Richard zu sehen!
          Ich glaube Richard ist irgendwie noch nicht ‘gross’ genug, um bei Graham Norton auf der Couch Platz zu nehmen… Ich würde ihn da auch Mal sehr gerne sehen!

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          1. Danke, alles (wieder) gut.
            Ich denke, zu Hobbit Zeiten wäre er schon “groß” genug gewesen. Martin Freeman war schon mehrfach da (auch wegen Sherlock) und RA ist doch immer wieder in Serien zu sehen gewesen. Ich befürchte eher, dass er solche Sendungen meidet, weil er die Lockerheit und den Humor etwas fürchtet und so sehr auf seine Privatsphäre achtet.

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    1. He totally is! Of course, I’ve seen him in interviews and I’ve seen quite a few of his movies but now that I am delving more deeply, I am finding out how truly darling he really is. 🙂

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  4. Those videos are amazing! I love where Jackman tears up when she is singing. So, are these numbers that good in the movie?

    Jackman’s Tony award was for the bio musical of singer/songwriter Peter Allen. I recall that after Jackman’s run in that show, he was dogged by rumours that he was gay, since Allen was gay and died of AIDS. I used to really like Peter Allen’s music. “I Go to Rio” was a favourite. And of course “I Honestly Love You” sung by Olivia Newton John and “Don’t Cry out Loud” sung by Melissa Manchester. Check out the young Jackman doing “I Go to Rio” at about 1:26. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0-P77A9THEM

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    1. Yes, the music in the movie really is that good!
      I’ve been catching up on especially his theatre stuff, with lots of clips to watch on YouTube. I hadn’t heard about The Boy From Oz / Peter Allen musical he had done and I so would have loved to see that!

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  5. Danke für die schöne Zusammenstellung, ich habe den Film leider auch noch nicht gesehen….
    Hugh ist ein Mann mit Charakter, ohne Skandale und einer tollen familie. Aber das hat er auch verdient. Ich habe die meisten Filme gesehen und er war immer gut. Man kann ihn nicht auf einen bestimmten Typ festlegen und auch nicht auf eine bestimmt Art zu spielen. Das macht ihn zu einem so großartigen Schauspieler.
    Und Elanor hat recht, er hat die heitere Gelassenheit und Lockerheit die RA fehlt…..
    das macht ihm das Leben etwas einfacher 🙂

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