Back in the land of the living

This flu (was it the much talked about Australian flu?) has incapacitated me for about 10 days! It’s been years since I’ve had it so bad… My first outing outside the house was two days ago on Saturday when I went for a nice walk in our neighbourhood with Mr Esther. Yesterday he drove us all to the woods to the east of where we live; we had a pancake lunch and then walked there for a bit as well… The usual tugging and giggling went on with the kids…


… and we weren’t gone that long, but boy was I tired afterwards! My body really needs to strengthen again. I was back to teaching my Dutch as a second language class to my Polish ladies this morning, which was fun but exhausting (I really needed a little nap after), and back to work again from home for a few hours this afternoon. I hope this tiredness subsides soon but at least I’m back in the land of the living again and that feels good!

6 thoughts on “Back in the land of the living

    1. Yeah, haven’t felt this awful in a long time. Recovery is slow but steady (still a cough and a little hoarse). Was in the office yesterday but so very tired! My boss told me to work half days from home for the rest of the week and take it easy for a little while longer. I’m glad to oblige.


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