Best wishes for 2018!

The evening of New Year’s Eve has started here in The Netherlands, just about 5 hours to go till midnight when this gets posted… Of course, it would be a perfect time to look back at this past year on blog and in my life, but life goes on, and I find I have little time to really reflect right now.

Last night my husband, the kids and I returned from a relatively last-minute 3 day trip to Disneyland Paris!


We had never been and especially Mr Esther has been very reluctant to do this but the kids have been wanting to go for years and I have always been curious about it too. Ever since 2004 we have spent the week around New Year’s Eve in a cottage in the north of The Netherlands owned by my parens but the cottage was sold last summer and it felt empty not doing anything at this time of year with just the 4 of us. So, just before Christmas, I suggested Disneyland as a trip. In the spirit of creating family memories while the kids are still at home (now at 14 and 16 years of age), Mr Esther quickly agreed and the trip was planned.

So basically, this past week, I’ve been super busy here with Christmas (two days of festivities with two families and my brothers came from abroad as well!), a day of helping my sister get stuff moved from her basement, and then off to Disneyland! Reflection has not been high on my list these past days, but it is starting to worm itself into my mind now, so a future blog post may spring from that (or not).

In the mean time, I’d like to wish you all, my dear readers, all the very best for 2018!


I hope it will bring many good things!

23 thoughts on “Best wishes for 2018!

    1. Thanks! It was a great age to do this with them. They could go off on their own on occasion to do their rollercoasters and we did lots of fun stuff with the family. Best of all worlds.


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