My latest brush with fame!

I’ve had a few brushes of contact with famous people in my life. Not many, but some!

My first brush with fame was when I was a 4 year old girl living in Jerusalem and the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time, Max van der Stoel, came to visit. They wanted a small Dutch kid to present him with flowers and my parents were approached for this, I think through the mayor’s office. My dad and the mayor knew each other through the work my dad did. I actually remember this occasion! I was very excited beforehand, I remember wearing a light blue dress, but when the time came, I got too shy and my dad had to help me hand over the flowers. That’s Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek grinning in the far left of the picture, Van der Stoel with the flowers and dark-rimmed glasses, shy me with hands in my mouth and on the right my dad, grinning wildly after he helped me hand over the flowers.

Max van der Stoel

When I was 15, I briefly met German president Richard von Weizsäcker once when he visited my dad’s office in Germany in support of the work my dad did in Jewish-Christian dialogue (you can see the back of my dad on the left in this picture)…

1985 Von Weizsäcker in Buber House

Another famous man my dad worked with a lot and whom we saw on occasion was the former Archbishop of Canterbury from 1974-1980, Lord Donald Coggan. Donald Cogggan was a very special and warm man, modest, smart and funny. He used to call my younger brother and sister and me his ‘scallywags’ and there is one picture of us that I treasure…


Another brief moment of contact with a famous person is with Gregory Peck, although I never met him personally. I had once written him a fan letter (the one and only one I have ever written) and requested an autograph from him. I never heard back, gave up on it, until two or so years later I finally received a response! I got an autographed picture, along with a note of apology. Apparently a bag of fan mail had been misplaced, which is why it had taken so long for me to get a response! That autographed picture has gotten lost in this house somewhere and I am still determined to find it, along with the note and the envelope it came in. The picture that was signed looked like this one (found this image on Ebay):Gregory Peck autographWhen I was 22, I went to a book signing in a bookstore here in The Netherlands and briefly met Peter Ustinov! He signed his book for me, which I was getting for my birthday on that day. Esje is my family’s nickname for me and I can’t remeber why I would have told Mr Ustinov that. I do remember him being very personable, maybe he asked if I had a nickname? It’s too long ago, I can’t remember…

I have of course met Richard Armitage briefly at the stage door in London in 2014 and have autographed items and a picture to help me remember that…

I have caught a glimpse of Pierce Brosnan up close and personal and he signed a picture my friend, a huge Brosnan fan, had…

I have spent an evening in the company of Michael Palin, listening to him talk about Ernest Hemingway and, a few months later, received a personally autographed book from him that my husband had gotten for me for my birthday!

And this past summer, I even briefly met and chatted with Lord Charles Spencer, Princess Diana’s brother. He also signed a book for us (but it’s also made out to my husband, so I won’t post a picture of that here, Mr Esther’s real name is not for this blog).

My greatest brush with someone famous on the internet was when actress Sara Wiseman, who plays Carolyn on A Place To Call Home, liked my retweet of her tweet on Valentine’s Day 2016 and I was stoked about that…

Sara Wiseman tweet like 14-02-2016

And now today, two and a half hours ago, I discovered my latest brush with fame: Marta Dusseldorp, lead actress playing Sarah on A Place to Call Home, actually RETWEETED my tweet of yesterday in which I gush about APTCH season 5! Holy crap, I swear my heart stopped for a moment when I saw that! I never aim to have likes, replies or god forbid, retweets of any kind, but this one certainly has me stoked! Here, a screenshot from my phone when I discovered it!

Marta Dusseldorp retweet

So, thank you Marta Dusseldorp for making my day! And may we enjoy your talents for a long, long time to come!

11 thoughts on “My latest brush with fame!

    1. It’s all about a moment of personal connection with someone you admire from afar, I guess. Although, I can’t say it was that with Earl Spencer or that Dutch Foreign Minister or even Lord Coggan, who was really just a friend who happened to have been a known figure. I don’t need to be remembered or anything by these people, I just like that for a moment in time I have this personal connection to someone I love from afar.


    2. So, it’s not so much about the fame thing for me (I mean, I find it fun to see someone in real life that you know from the news, like Earl Spencer, for instance) but I only get giddy when the connection is with someone I actually admire!

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  1. I would love to meet Pierce Brosnan and, of course, Richard Armitage. Like you, I would like that moment of connection to someone I admire greatly. I’m not sure if I could actually speak to them, though. I’ve been in close proximity to singers I have admired and it has been enough to have that memory.

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    1. I don’t think I said that much to Pierce. I left the talking to my friend, the big Brosnan fan, as this really was a moment of a lifetime for her! I just made sure I had pictures for her to commemorate the event for her. But I really enjoyed it too because I too like Pierce!
      Richard Armitage was a different matter. I did speak to him, I handed him a small gift, but I barely remember what I said and I was shaky and giddy on the inside. To me, my smile in that picture with him looks a bit manic! I wanted to let him know how very much I appreciate him but it’s really hard to do that in a calm dignified manner…I hope I did OK…

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  2. Oh jetzt verstehe ich warum Du so aufgeregt bist. Sie ist eine tolle Frau und wirkt auf twitter viel jünger und attraktiver 🙂
    Du hast deutlich mehr VIP getroffen im Leben als ich 🙂 wow, Sir Peter Ustinov ❤ ❤

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    1. Ja, Ustinov war schön! Er war zufällig in der Stadt wo ich damals gewohnt hatte und ich konnte es nicht lassen. 😊
      Marta Dusseldorp spielt auch in einer anderen Serie mit, die ich sehen möchte. Janet King (über einer Rechtsawältin glaube ich) scheint auch sehr gut zu sein.

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