I bit the bullet – Sleepwalker

I’ve been so caught up in work, family and then with Suits and Gabriel Macht in my spare time (I even made a second fan video a little over a week ago) that my focus on Richard Armitage has suffered somewhat. There is Berlin Station that I haven’t been brave enough to wade into yet (I love Richard, but Berlin Station season one didn’t do that much for me and I fear the same for season two) and there is Sleepwalker. I haven’t been brave enough for Sleepwalker either… until today! This morning I decided to bite the bullet and just go ahead and watch it.

The thing with these kinds of movies is that I don’t generally enjoy them. These dark, psychological, almost supernatural kinds of thrillers just aren’t my thing. I have been surprised once or twice, I remember quite liking The Sixth Sense for instance, but generally speaking this is not my genre and I rarely watch movies like these. I feared that I wouldn’t much like Sleepwalker despite Richard being in it… and I turned out to be right!

To me the movie was all dark and weird, somewhat confusing and I even found it convoluted in places. For instance, what was even the use of that stalker character played by Haley Joel Osmond (the kid in The Sixth Sense!) other than him being a scary element in the story? And was the love story element even necessary, did their attraction really have to be consumed? It felt like an unnecessary add-on to me (despite the parallel with the husband that was revealed in the end) and that is saying something coming from someone who loves a love story! I felt that it should have either been left out or developed more. The ending I sort of understood, but wasn’t quite sure, and in honesty, I can’t be bothered to think too much about it to figure it all out. The movie just couldn’t grab my attention or fascination and if Richard hadn’t been in this, I’m sure I would have fast forwarded through most of this.  However I did find two redeeming qualities in this movie and they were Ahna O’Reilly in the lead role, she is a very good actress (I also remember liking her in The Help), and of course it never hurts to see Richard in action! He looked lovely and strong…

Ahna was confused and upset for most of the movie and looked very convincing being that…

The love story I found a bit convoluted but it did give us a few nice almost romantic moments…

… there was a little teacup scene (on the left in the picture below) which reminded me of the North & South teacup scene (on the right in the picture below) …

… and a sex-up-against-the-wall scene that made me think of Daniel and Esther in Berlin Station

… and even a shot which reminded me of the back shots we had of Richard with his dragon tattoo in Hannibal

Richard Armitage - Sleepwalker (74)

These were delectable little nuggets indeed, Ahna and Richard were good, but it wasn’t enough to make me like the movie.

Richard Armitage, I love you and I thank you for challenging me to watch you in things I wouldn’t normally watch but, nope, I don’t think this is a movie I will return to often…

10 thoughts on “I bit the bullet – Sleepwalker

  1. I’ve got it downloaded and burned, but I’ve not watched it. I kinda skipped through it when I burned it so I would know if it was okay or not, but… I”m having a hard time generating any desire to watch.

    I’m going to binge watch Berlin Station S2 over Christmas. I will be here most of the holiday (we’re moving into our new school and I want to be completely unpacked and ready on day 1)

    Castlevania II – oh yeah. I’m waiting with baited breath for that.

    I’ve NOT watched Pilgrimage yet. I can’t get past the opening scene. I’m a bad bad fan! 😦

    Thanks for this review.

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    1. I’m a bad bad fan with you… 🙂

      You know, if you like this genre of movie, it probably is OK, but I don’t like this genre and I don’t like this movie. I liked Pilgrimage better than this, despite the bloodiness.

      Like you, I think I’ll do a Berlin Station binge in time. Christmas vacation does sound like a good time for it! And I’m not even on baited breath for Castlevania.

      It’s time the man did something I can get really excited about! That Oceans movie sounds like it could be fun and My Zoe sounds good too, so there’s hopefully that…

      Good luck with the school move!

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  2. Servetus

    re: the stalker — what you think is real about that subplot determines which frame story you end up believing, i.e., who is the main character — is she the writer’s wife, or the writer’s stalker?

    I really liked this film, and I usually don’t enjoy thrillers, but I think it’s definitely not for everyone.

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    1. Yeah, not sure which story I believe…

      I guess, the good thing about this movie is that it can get you thinking, so in that sense I can imagine others liking it! I just think I couldn’t care enough in the end. I really really liked Ahna in this but the story just couldn’t grip me, I guess.


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