Richard stuff & Gabriel fluff

I have been missing in action on blog and that happened in a time when there’s so much Richard Armitage news! But work’s been busy and then there have been other preoccupations… Still, Richard news has been followed closely! Like the news of him reading Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in a new audiobook (sorry, Richard, can’t follow you there, audiobooks really aren’t my thing despite your wonderful voice)…

Richard doing an awesome 40 minute podcast interview by phone, and yes, I actually did listen to this one, while I was working from home one afternoon:

There are 5 new Berlin Station episodes that I have yet to see (please, someone, reassure me that season 2 is better than season 1)!

I did like the little Daniel – Esther scene which I still have to see in context:

And of course there’s still Sleepwalker to watch (I still need to get into a weird movie mindset)…

There is some talk of a Urban and the Shed Crew DVD, as mentioned on Servetus’s blog (yay!), although when I looked on the Blenheim Films website this morning, the shop was empty.

Blenheim Films

But in all honesty, while I have partaken of all the Richard stuff, I have been more engrossed with Gabriel stuff and fluff. Yep, I continue to be preoccupied with Suits! And it’s got everything to do with actor Gabriel Macht who plays Harvey Specter.

He looks so familiar to me! And not because I may have seen him in other movies, but because he looks like I actually know him, personally, from somewhere. There is a familiarity to him and I just can’t seem to put my finger on it why that is. His dad is actor Stephen Macht who was also on Cagney and Lacey that I used to love watching way back when…

Stephen Macht Sharon Gless

… but to me Gabriel looks more like his mom than his dad…

Grauman's Chinese Theatre

So, no, I just can’t put my finger on why he looks so familiar, like he could be family, or an old family friend or something. He did dress up as painter Bob Ross for Halloween, which cracked me up (and I remember being mesmerized watching some of his painting programs long ago)…

He was even filmed by his Suits co-star and close friend Sarah Rafferty (she plays Donna) actually giving a faux painting class (there are 2 small videos if you click on the instagram post, especially love the second one when he mentions a happy raccoon at the end)…

While I am still trying to deal with this whole “why does Gabriel seem so familiar to me” scenario, I have after all sourced Suits clips and made a Suits fan video, which ends with the current mid-season cliffhanger…

(also on YouTube, but that got blocked in USA/Canada). Anyway, I hope that this fluff gets some of this Suits/ Gabriel Macht business out of my system for a bit, so I can start catching up on Richard Armitage stuff again…

3 thoughts on “Richard stuff & Gabriel fluff

  1. Servetus

    I think somehow Blenheim didn’t realize that people would be watching what they were doing. It was a bit strange. A lot of people pre-ordered while you could see the pre-order screen. I hope this doesn’t turn into another hassle …


  2. Von dem Maler hatte ich noch nicht gehört, aber er sieht sehr lustig und bärtig aus 🙂
    Auf die Urban DVD freue ich mich! Den Film will ich unbedingt sehen!!! Das Buch war so beeindruckend ❤
    Stimmt – suits wollte ich ja auch noch sehen, gut dass jetzt die langen dunklen Fernsehabende kommen 🙂


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