Nobody puts Esther in a corner…

Richard Armitage was at the Paley Fest last night, promoting season 2 of Berlin Station and one of the first things that caught my eye on Servetus’ blog  (THANK YOU for updating us fans so well yet again!) is the link she provided to this tweet:

2017-0916 RA Paley 11 Daniel-Esther tweet

… and I’m immediately thinking: nobody puts Esther in a corner! (Free interpretation of the famous line from Dirty Dancing). Oh, wait, Richard Armitage saying my name and kissing Esther isn’t real life. Must remember that, must remember that, must remember that… 😉

Levity aside, Richard was looking very good again last night (click on images to enlarge)!

And he apparently also said this…

2017-0916 RA quote Brexit tweet

… which reminded me of when we were in Durham this past summer. We were speaking to two volunteers, both pensioners, who were giving out information about the city. After we told them we already knew where we wanted to be in Durham, we got to chatting with them.  One of the first things they did was apologize to us for Brexit! So, Richard isn’t alone in doing that. The one volunteer then went on to tell us that he asked almost every American tourist why Trump had been voted president, he just couldn’t understand it, and that he always received the reply that they hadn’t voted for Trump. I wonder if Richard asks this of Americans too?

Anyway, back to Richard at Paley Fest: he was also having a good time with fellow cast members. Here a little video of them having fun, you just know Richard is making some cheeky comment… I wonder what it was. 🙂

… and some pics of the same event…

And Heather Siemon took some lovely pics during the panel…

It’s so good to see new Richard images again and read some Richard stories! They have made my Sunday morning extra lovely. 🙂

23 thoughts on “Nobody puts Esther in a corner…

  1. I have to say I find that slightly disappointing, too. Their relationship was interesting- not just for the opportunity of more ‘wall-antics’, but because the motivations were ambiguous. That made for an interesting viewing experience. But btw – Mr A may have just played it low because he doesn’t want to give too much away…

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      1. The relationship kind of grew on me. And I was looking forward to new dynamics of their professional (and personal?) relationship with Esther now in a leadership position. However, if Esther had *my* name, I’d probably feel more about the whole thing like you do 😉

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  2. Servetus

    I can’t say I find their relationship very interesting; they’re too similar in personality and with a relationship like that you need better scriptwriting to make it interesting. But her backstory is interesting and I think Mina Tander is quite talented. And I think I saw at least one picture that implies they have scenes together, so … maybe you’ll get to hear him say “Esther” at least once more! There was that clue about the other love interest and the audition vids on vimeo, so I assume he will be having sex with someone. I look forward to it 🙂

    Last night was really great. The thirsty fangirl’s soul was refreshed. And such a beautiful suit.

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  3. Servetus

    I can’t resist, but feel free to delete this: I suspect that Trump voters aren’t heavily represented in the only a third of Americans who have passports in the first place. If you meet an American abroad they’re already in a minority. And of those who have passports, only an even smaller fraction travel abroad in any given year. I’ve seen estimates as low as 3 percent of the population. it seems entirely reasonable to me that most of the Americans one would meet abroad, particularly in a cultural tourism (as opposed to business) situation, would not have voted for him. I’ve also been told that some of the big international banks begged their employees not to vote for him, so even the picture of the Trump voter as well to do businessman may be skewed.

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  4. I’m hoping that he was feeding us a red herring. *nodnod*

    As for your question about Trump – I didn’t vote for him (I wrote in my candidate of choice) but I do know people who did and their reasoning wasn’t because they thought he was a fine, upstanding (hah!) candidate, but because a) they were terrified of Hillary or b) they didn’t want or could afford 4 more years like the last 8.

    I have friends who are Democrats who hated Hillary, but voted for her because they are Democrats. I know MANY Democrats who hated Hillary and stayed home. I know people who are Republican who hated Trump but voted for him because they are Republicans. I know Republicans who hated Trump and stayed home. The people who you have to watch are the swing votes in the middle – roughly 1/3rd of voters. That’s who really elect our presidents. Those disenchanted, disillusioned, fed up with government swing voters. They vote left for 2, rarely 3 cycles and then they get disenchanted and vote right for 2, rarely 3 cycles. It all depends on how well they fared financially the previous cycle and they did NOT fare well the previous cycle. And it will repeat itself, because that’s politics over here.

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    1. The red herring theory is a good one! Actors can do that very well. 😊
      I get the swing vote thing but, agree or disagree with Republican policies, Trump is so childish, immature, ignorant and so very narcisistic, it still boggles me that anyone could think he’d be a good leader.


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