No mp4 of ‘Crucible’ or other plays

We can bury the dream of a ‘hard copy’ of The Crucible or any other plays that are viewable via Digital Theatre. R, the friendly professional support lady from Digital Theatre, got back to me very promptly after my e-mail to her yesterday. Here is what she said:

Good Afternoon Esther, 

You are most welcome! I’m glad to hear that you are feeling better. Our backlog certainly is dropping, so I’m relieved to say that we can once again give our customers the level of care and attention you deserve.

Unfortunately we cannot offer mp4 downloads at this time due to our agreements with the creative owners of the productions and the theatres. However, we would certainly like to offer offline downloads again in the future. 

All the best, 

I’m glad their backlog is dropping, which means that more fans are getting answers; that is a great thing! The “offline downloads in the future” are a bit of a sticky point, however, and I mentioned that to her in my reply. Other than that, this long-term ‘rental’ thing is the best we can hope for, for now. I sincerely hope our trust will not be betrayed in the future. Time will tell.

In the mean time, I am happy that I can still enjoy Richard Armitage in this…

And I still have the stage production of Much Ado About Nothing to enjoy as well…

Now, if only they made actual mp4 downloads or DVDs/BluRays available of these theatre productions, I would totally buy them in the future! For instance, I would love a copy of The National Theatre’s Jane Eyre play as well…

There really is a market for this, if only the theatres, producers and companies would work together and take into account that customers like options and freedom to choose how they want to view and acquire these plays! Of course, I get the need to keep control and to combat pirating, but once it’s out there, you won’t be able to stop that anyhow. Maybe it’s time for some new earning models (don’t know what kind yet) to assure that creative owners and theatres get the revenue they deserve while still giving the audience easier & affordable access to productions that they can actually really keep if they want to. I guess we are all pioneers in a digital world, trying to figure this stuff out.

9 thoughts on “No mp4 of ‘Crucible’ or other plays

  1. Servetus

    I wouldn’t offer an mp4 if I were them, either. It makes it instantly piratable. With you, I just wish there were some way to make all of this profitable enough to keep it going and not constantly create obstacles for audiences. I’m not sure if it’s worse to know a play is going on in London that you can’t see, or that everyone else you know is watching something you can’t see because you don’t have the equipment or the rights access.

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    1. I’m not sure offering an mp4 is that much more detrimental than offering a DVD. DVD’s are easily ripped (not that I know how to do that, but I very often see the rips online). The safest thing is offering a prodcution online like on iTunes, I guess, and not on DVD/mp4. Even that isn’t safe from pirating, though, there are always clever ones who can pirate shows that are only available through online platforms. I’ve seen that with the Gilmore Girls reboot on Netflix and with Berlin Station, those must have been ripped from online platforms.
      I think that if productions were more readily available globally without having to take out endless subscriptions, it could lessen pirating. But, I don’t know what the long-term solutions could be, I just really wish something will be found that can benefit all!


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  3. Even if the outcome wasn’t what you had hoped for – I am glad to see that they are taking the requests/questions/complaints seriously and are answering. A download would be the ideal solution, but yeah, I never held much hope that they would offer that… I’m still waiting to see my purchases, anyway…

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  4. Hi Esther, Thanks for the update about DT and The Crucible, etc. I have only recently emailed DT in the last 2 weeks about my account. So far, I have only received the auto reply, and my “purchase history” tab on my DT account is not active. Fingers crossed! Cheers! Grati ;->

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    1. Wow! I just checked my Digital Theatre account again, and my “purchase history” tab is active! And it shows that I can see “The Crucible” (2014)–and what I presume is the “Richard Armitage in Conversation” interview–for ten years starting tomorrow. That’s a huge leap forward, from blocked access!

      Yay to the power of the little guys or gals–or a lot of them in concert–who take a stand for their access rights! We are Global Team Armitage!

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