A Crucible decade ahead of me

So, yes, Digital Theatre finally got back to me! I’m not sure whether it was because of this tweet I sent to @DTHelp yesterday evening…

… or whether they finally got around to my e-mails that I had sent. In any case, the response was connected to my ticket number and here is what it said:

Good Afternoon,

First of all I would like to offer my apologies for the delay in getting back to you. There has been quite the backlog of requests with the introduction of the new website, but we have some good news for you.

If you log into your account, you will now see that you have access to your previously purchased productions. To access them, please navigate to Account > Purchase History and click on the title of the production you wish to view.

You may notice that your productions are listed as rentals in your purchase history, but please do not worry. They are available for you to watch for the foreseeable future will be automatically renewed by us when they expire in 10 years time.

I am sorry for any confusion caused. I hope you enjoy watching your purchases again!

All the best,

Name of Support Officer

I checked my account, and yes, I can indeed access my purchases now! The expiry date is 10 years from now, which Digital Theatre assures me should automatically renew then.

DT purchases

I am very happy with this, at least I can access my productions again! However, this doesn’t solve the problem I have with not owning a hard copy of my purchase. I have replied the following:

Good afternoon!
I am very happy to have received a response from you. I have checked and I can indeed access my purchases now! That is a huge relief, thank you!
Is it possible to make my purchase also available as an mp4 download? I would very much like a hard copy of the productions as well, as I am a little wary of future policy decisions that could impact my enjoyment of these purchases.
In any case, thank you for getting back to me and I hope for you that the backlog of requests is getting smaller.
Kind regards,

I don’t expect them to do anything about that hard copy, but a girl’s gotta try, right? For now, I am just happy that I ‘have’ my purchases back. 🙂

MTA: Zan also got a response from DT two days ago, and in the comments section of my previous post about this issue people have been saying that they have also heard back from them. Not all problems solved yet, but at least something’s happening! It looks like they are slowly starting to get through their backlog… I sincerely hope so.

18 thoughts on “A Crucible decade ahead of me

  1. That’s awesome! Let us know if you get a response about the download soon.

    After reading your post, I was curious about the expiry on my purchase, as I had been told 2025 was the year. That was also displayed in my account with a price of 4.99. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. I just checked my account, mentally girding my loins for another battle, but lo and behold, the expiry date is 10 years from today and the price is 0.00. Woo-hoo!!!

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  2. This whole thing has left a sour taste in my mouth. I didn’t purchase a copy because I didn’t appreciate how they handled the entire – oh North America isn’t getting it (they didn’t handle it at all) and then this has just made me not want to have ANYTHING to do with them ever (although tbh, I was at that point when they released it on download.) I don’t like have to use someone else’s stuff to listen or watch anything. If it’s not hardware I don’t have and can’t get readily for my own, I don’t need it. 😦

    Yes, I am hard as nails.


    1. In this case I really don’t blame you! I have always been wary of purchasing ‘in the cloud’, which is why I don’t do iTunes, for example. With DT I was so desperate, I thought, wth, give it a try. There was no other way of accessing it so I felt I had to do it this way.

      This whole cloud storage and cloud sellers thing is still young, who knows what way it will develop? So, I remain suspicious of the 10 year ‘rental’ thing. 10 years in this digital world is a long time with so many rapid developments, I don’t think any such guarantees can even be given! Even their initially promised ‘lifetime purchase’ lasted only 2.5 years when this whole hoopla started. So, lifetime is now 10 years, I guess. For me, lifetime does not equal 10 years, so I do wonder why an ‘automatic renewal’ after 10 years? Wouldn’t having no end date at all make more sense? In any case, I remain suspicious, but for now am happy I can at least access it again.

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      1. I have that same issue as well as – I have to have internet to access my cloud. What if the internet goes down? What if a tyrannical govenment shuts down the internet? When my own government took down Kim Dot Com and MegaUpload, the vast majority of people who purchased cloud space to back up their files – over 95 % had legitimate things stored. They have no chance of getting it back because the government took it. And no apologies for it. If I can’t download it and watch it whereever the hell I want, nope. nope. Nope.

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  3. I too am finally able to access my purchased, this just happened today… Finally after two and a half weeks… I know one thing, if I cannot buy the DVD. I’m not going to buy it any other way….. This whole thing left a bitter taste in my mouth….


  4. Mine got cleared up today, too. But, as I said on my blog, in the back of my mind will
    always be the “What if DT goes under?” question. At that point, they could sell the rights to another company, and that will mean starting from scratch.

    It’s the world we live in.


  5. Good to know that they have obviously worked through the whole back-log. Yet, I still haven’t tried my new access code. For the simple reason that I am just wary of trying – and failing… *sigh* I better try it now…


    1. Sigh – and there we are with the problems. I have been able to sign in with the temporary password, but it looks as if I don’t have any account history. When I click on “purchase history”, nothing happens. Is that where you were able to access your purchased productions?
      Really, I am sick and tired of this whole thing. I *know* that I bought The Crucible in HD, but it’s so long ago that I probably do not have the transaction e-mails anymore. So how do I prove to them I ever forked out for it? What a bloody mess!


      1. One step closer…!
        That’s what I had up until this afternoon: I could access my account but not see my purchase history. So, it’s just one more e-mail away for you, requesting them to make your purchase history available. I’m counting on them still having records of what you purchased and hoping you won’t have to prove anything. I had proof of my The Crucible purchase but no proof anymore of my Much Ado About Nothing purchase, but they restored both for me.
        Be brave, e-mail them one more time and/or tweet @DTHelp. They certainly seem to finally be taking some action, so ride that momentum. 😉


        1. Oh, I see. Well, I have complicated matters because I actually have two accounts with DT. No idea why that happened – probably earlier problems with the whole tech. Let’s see when I finally get back what I paid for…


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