The Yorkshire Dales

Just a few more picture impressions to share from our holiday… Of the ducks at our campsite, for instance. There are so many of them! I love seeing them quack and waddle around although my son in his tent is less happy with them… their quacking right next to his ear each morning wakes him up before he wants to wake up.

We also passed through the village if Middleham, where Richard III (him again – a bit of a theme for us this holiday!) spent part of his childhood in the castle there (now a ruin).



The area is also known for horse-racing and we promptly walked by some stables next to the castle…


We visited Aysgarth Falls in the Yorkshire Dales…

This is apparently also the location where the river fight between Robin Hood and Little John was filmed in the 1991 movie Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves:

The Dales are so beautiful, pictures can hardly do them justice! And yet we tried to capture some of the wonder (click to enlarge)…

When we saw a litte red car in the distance on one of the narrow roads, Mr Esther, a grown man of 46, exclaimed, “Hey, there’s Postman Pat!”

Another filming location we drove through was a village, Askrigg, that was used for external scenes in the 1970s/1980s TV series All Creatures Great and Small.

The series was about the Yorkshire vet James Herriott and Mr Esther kept on saying how he loved watching that TV series in his youth and how that show defined the look of the English countryside for him. It really was a great show, we also enjoyed watching it at my house, so we both were mildly excited at actually driving through this village.

We were also quite high up in the Dales at one point, it really felt like the middle of nowhere. It was quiet and windy and very chilly up there (see my shivering son) and oh so beautiful!

We start our journey back home on Thursday. We’ve totally blown our budget for this holiday but even so, I’m really not ready to leave yet…

18 thoughts on “The Yorkshire Dales

  1. Servetus

    All Creatures Great and Small will always define the Yorkshire Dales for me, too — I adored the books and loved the TV series when I saw it as a tween. Robert Hardy just died a week or so ago, I think.

    Glad it’s been so great — sure looks wonderful!

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  2. Wow! I’m not getting over how beautiful Yorkshire is! I really have to schedule a holiday there, too. You have really had a packed schedule – thanks for taking us on the journey, too.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I really liked that river scene from Robin Hood – so cool you were able to see the real river and places were All Creatures Great and Small filmed too! A German TV station repeats it at the moment and I love to stumble about it and watch an episode now and then.
    Enjoy the rest of you holiday!!!!

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  4. Wunderschöne Bilder! Und das Wetter scheint ja besser zu sein als bei uns. An die Szene in Robin Hood erinnere ich mich gut, ihr seid keinen Waldmenschen begegnet? es sieht alles so verwunschen und verschlafen aus….


  5. Add me to the list of “All Creatures” fans. Robert Hardy will always be Siegfried to me. And before Peter Davison was the Doctor, he was Tristan! Great photos–I’d love to see those dales.


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