Esther in Leicester

I kinda like the alliteration of that. πŸ™‚

So, yesterday was Leicester(shire) day with the family and I can tell you Leicester really is all about Richard III. For me personally, it was all about Richard Armitage as well of course.

Leicester is a little over an hour away from our campsite. We were late getting away in the morning and then got lost on the way in Kettering, looking for a gas station and then for a place to use the bathroom (the gas station didn’t have that, they said), so by the time we finally got to Bosworth it was after 1 pm! Bosworth is the place where Richard III was killed on August 22nd, 1485 in battle against Henry Tudor. There’s a museum but we didn’t take time to visit that, we just traipsed over the battlefield site and monument…

By the way, even the bathrooms at the Bosworth site are Armitage Shanks. πŸ™‚ I also very much liked a chain mail necklace I saw, but as I don’t wear militaria (and to what occasion would I even wear such a necklace?) I decided against buying it.

After Bosworth we drove to Leicester but before we got there, we made sure we passed through the village of Huncote first. It is well-known to Richard Armitage fans that he grew up there, so naturally, as we were near anyhow, I thought it might be fun to drive through it. We didn’t get out or anything, just drove through and got a very quick and fleeting impression of the village.

There’s a pub…

… and a church and a village green…

… and I saw a sign to the primary school but was too late to photograph it (we didn’t have the time to drive to it either). So, the impression was fleeting but it looked like a lovely village in the middle of a very green countryside. You can hardly imagine that it’s so near to a big city. Within five minutes, however, you find yourself driving into the outskirts of Leicester, which is a very busy city…

At the request of my son we drove by Leicester City football stadium…


The parts of the city that we drove through didn’t look great until we got to the city center. After we parked, we walked into the center and this was the first part we saw…


One of the buildings is the Radio BBC Leicester building, which immediately made me think of Richard Armitage again as he has been interviewed for Radio BBC Leicester before.

In fact, over on Richard Armitage Central there is a link to an interview where Richard speaks about Richard III on BBC Radio Leicester! Very fitting with our visit there yesterday!

We of course also visited the cathedral which is where Richard III is now buried. The black embroidered cover was used during his reburial procession and ceremony.

Some more impressions of the very nice looking center of Leicester…

We also went shopping there, it’s a very good place for shopping. There’s a huge mall right there in the center, good for year-round all-season shopping. It also had this store:


In Colchester I had come across Mr. Darcy, here in Richard-Armitage-city I fittingly came across Mr. Thornton. πŸ™‚ Is it a coincidence that both are sweets / chocolate shops?

For all its Richard-ness (the Third and Armitage), Leicester was also the city where Mr Esther and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary yesterday! For that alone, it will remain a bit of an extra special place. My son took a few pictures of us and the four of us had dinner in an old bank building that is now a grill restaurant with a very nice ambiance.

Yes, Esther very much enjoyed being in Leicester!

35 thoughts on “Esther in Leicester

  1. Seeing the pictures of Bosworth and the memorial, my heart was breaking for Richard III. The book (Sunne in Splendour) is still so fresh in my mind, and I have to say that Penman completely convinced me that RIII has been wronged by literature/historiography… I’m a sucker for battlefields, anyway, so I’d love to go there – thanks for showing me the pics, and also for the glimpse of Huncote. It looks like a really nice little village – very English.
    And I am as surprised as you how nice Leicester city centre looks – historic buildings and all. Another destination on the list, I guess.
    Finally – happy anniversary! You’ve got a keeper there, who tirelessly drives you around so you can go on a “Romantic Hero Pilgrimage” πŸ˜‰

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    1. Thanks! Mr Esther really is a keeper, no doubt about it! ☺ He’s also a Roman & Medieval history buff, so his interests very much intersected with mine yesterday (apart from maybe Huncote).
      I still need to read that book. After having been to Bosworth & Leicester I’m interested in it more than ever.


  2. Seems like you had a lovely anniversary in Leicester! Congrats! I just passed by the city of L driving north on the M1. Always have to save my family with well dosed portions of my anglophile crushes. πŸ˜‰ But we usually visit the local football stadium too. 3 years ago, during the summer of The Crucible, my son was very happy that our appartment in London was not far from the Emirates Stadium. So everyone benefits from the family holiday. 😎
    Nice to read your report, dear Esther in Leicester! Thank you!

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    1. Thank you, Nell!
      Yeah, it can be tricky to combine interests but we always try to do something for everyone. Yesterday was a perfect combo: medieval history for my husband, Richard Armitage for me, modern day shopping for the kids and a nice dinner out for all of us. 😊

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      1. It’s where all the good looking Richards come from!!
        I actually worked at Leicester Cathedral when Richard III was discovered- useless fact πŸ™‚
        Bradgate Park is a nice place to visit too- Lady Jane Grey lived there, so it has some history.

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  3. Violet

    Β‘Feliz Aniversario, Esther! I’m happy that you and your husband had such a lovely time on your anniversary. From the pictures you posted, Huncote does look like a cute little town, although I can see why Richard wanted to get out and see the world. Leicester is a city I’ve wanted to visit since I read Sunne In Splendour. I too believe King Richard III has been wronged by history, slandered by those conniving Tudors and betrayed by his supposed friends. It makes me sad that Richard has never had the chance to play the role, to produce the mini-series he’s thought about for years. We all know he’s brilliant and would have done an outstanding job. May you and your family continue to enjoy your vacation. (Hope you ate some of those Thornton’s chocolates!) πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you, Violet!
      You’re the 2nd person to mention that book here, guess I really do need to check it out! ☺
      Yeah, I think we all would love to see Richard as Richard III. Maybe there is still hope somewhere? He may be too old but he looks young enough. πŸ˜‰

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  4. Such sweet photographs of your anniversary! Congratulations! And thank you for the virtual tour of Leicester. I’ve been curious about it for a while now, ever since the Richard III and football sagas.

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