A song for every occasion

I have said it for years (and the BBC show Homes Under the Hammer also proves it, see this blurb about that show): every situation can remind you of a song!

I was watching current affairs on TV and came across a programme on a Belgian channel that had a far-right young Dutch politician I really dislike on their panel. I took a peek (shouldn’t have) and they were discussing something he had said a while back. They played a clip of him saying that women are often left-leaning until they meet a right-wing man who tells her how it really is and she always comes around to his way of thinking in the end… Yes, basically saying women can’t think for themselves! There was a woman on the panel who rightfully accused him of using arguments by men who were opposed to suffragettes a hundred years ago… The pit of my stomach exploded in anger at this politician yet again! I quickly changed the channel, really don’t have to listen to that garbage, and looked up a David Bowie song on YouTube that I thought of as soon as the word “suffragette” was uttered…

This came after I was reading about the latest travel ban news coming from the US, about people being banned from crossing borders after all. It made me think of this Chris de Burgh song, where he sings, “Don’t let go, I want to know, that you will wait for me until the day, there’s no borderline, no borderline…”

Before that I was reading about Richard Armitage and Michelle Forbes going to the ballet together…

Ballet tweet

… and a song from A Chorus Line came to mind…

Yes, it was quite an associative half hour!

7 thoughts on “A song for every occasion

  1. @BookofEsther – My whole life I’ve had songs pop into my mind for every occasion. My sister complains that I think my life is a musical. So I particularly enjoyed this post. Especially loved hearing “Everything at the Ballet” again.

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  2. Da hast Du recht! Es gibt sooo viele Songs die mit bestimmten Lebenssituationen verbunden sind, das vergisst man niemals. Ob man besonders glücklich oder besonders unglücklich war, aber meist sind es doch die Lebensphasen an denen man sehr gelitten hat…..
    Loosing my religion von REM beispielweise, da hatte ich eine Trennung zu verkraften, gespielt auf einer Party wo auch mein Exfreund anwesend war, ganz furchtbar damals 😦


    1. Oh ja, einige Lieder bringen so starke Erinnerungen! Solche Lieder habe ich auch noch. Schade, dass so ein gutes Lied mit so einer schlechten Erinnerung verbunden ist für Dich.


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