My heart is in Finsbury Park…

… and with the Muslims targeted in the horrible terrorist attack that happened there last night after Ramadan prayers at a mosque.

Finsbury prayers

When will hatred (and islamophobia) end?


10 thoughts on “My heart is in Finsbury Park…

  1. Servetus

    I hate this — this is what terrorists want, for us all to become so miserable that we destroy the social contract. Praying for the victim and his/her family.

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  2. Violet

    I was very depressed yesterday. The combination of the weekly bombardment of tragic news, plus our asshat leader on this side of the pond – not to mention that it was Father’s Day and mine is dead – converged in a perfect storm of grief and crushed me. Today I feel much better and my resolve to not allow those evil people to keep me from doing the things I love, from engulfing our collective psyche in fear, has given me back my inner peace. I believe with all my heart that good will prevail in the end. Every day there’s a new tragedy but humanity is resilient and we cannot give in to utter despair. I shall channel my inner Luke Skywalker and not give in to their hate! May the families and friends of all those who have been directly traumatized by these terrorist attacks find a measure of peace in their souls, in spite of the blows these attacks have dealt them.

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    1. Yes, we need to carry on as fearlessly as possible and not resort to mobbing behaviour. In my heart I know there are way more people that mean well and no harm and I hold on to that.

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  3. Honestly so sad and frustrated, how many more crazies will do this, what do they thing they will achieve? It’s so sad when people get hurt so pointlessly. Still the community stayed together, the poor imam even managed to protect a suspect from angry reactions, i think the majority of people are really trying to stay rational, helpful.
    What made me sadder is when my friend told me she sat next to some school girls in the tube and they were talking about being afraid to go anywhere as nowhere was safe 😦 Tried to encourage them and convince them that the city is a big place and we have to carry on living and enjoying our lives.

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    1. I spent my childhood in Jerusalem which has had it’s fair share of fighting / terrorist attacks. In the midst of that you just carry on and go about your business, that’s all you can do. That and never giving in to hate!

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  4. Violet

    Exactly. As adults, we should be careful of how we discuss these situations with children and teenagers. They are especially vulnerable and can become fearful and anxious because many of them are online and/or watching television every day. It’s important to give them opportunities to experience the goodness of helping people so they can have hope in their hearts and remain positive that we will persevere in the face of adversity. Let’s teach them about those in our communities and other places, who dedicate their lives in the service of those who are in need. Let’s teach them about the men and women throughout history who have been valiant, virtuous and/or dedicated to be a force for good, who have changed the world for the better, whether it’s been in small or large scale. We all need heroes in our lives!

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    1. I think there is a real reason why Marvel movies are so popular now… we want heroes. I totally agree on focussing on everything positive, the negative gets enough attention anyhow.

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  5. Living one’s life shouldn’t need to come with warning labels for doing something as simple as strolling along on a lovely evening. My heart goes out to the friends and loved ones of the individuals killed or injured. Thanks for posting! Hugs!

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