Cats preparing for a ball

Now, I know there are enough people out there who aren’t necessarily fond of cats…


… but I have two and I adore them. It’s almost summer now and my two cats were enjoying our back garden this past weekend while the sun was shining. Our 12-year-old reddish-beige cat likes to sunbathe…

Cat in the sun

… and our 3-year-old black cat later joined us, sitting pretty in the shade (she is tanned enough, after all)…

Cat on a stone chair

… and then both cats progressed to some necessary grooming…

Cats a-grooming

Maybe they were preparing for a Jellicle cat ball?

As a Cats-alumnus, you should be able to appreciate that, Richard Armitage… 😉

4 thoughts on “Cats preparing for a ball

    1. Their names are Hebrew words.
      The reddish-beige cat is called Effoh Chatoel which means “Where is the cat?”. We mostly call him Effoh. When I’m looking for him I often say “Effoh Effoh?” which basically translates to “where is Where?”. 😉
      The black cat is called “Amitzah” which translates to “brave girl”. We often alliterate that with the German word “Katze” (cat), so she gets called Amitzah Katze. When you say it quickly it sounds like the German phrase “eine Miezekatze” which basically means “a kitty cat”. 🙂

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