I miss him

Yesterday the current US president was welcomed to Brussels amid protests…

… while this morning on German TV former US president Barack Obama is being interviewed for the yearly German “Kirchentag” (a huge yearly church conference) that is being held in Berlin this year…

Obama TV

He was interviewed together with Angela Merkel (who, as I type this, is rushing to Brussels for the NATO meeting with Trump)…

Obama Merkel TV

… and I am painfully aware yet again how much I miss Obama as president!

12 thoughts on “I miss him

    1. 🙂 And I’m not saying I’ve always agreed with everything Obama has ever said or done but at least he has a brain and a heart and he is open for thoughtful discussion…


    1. 🙂 Kirchentag always makes me think of my dad. He always went for his work and my mom often went with him in later years, I also went with him two or three times in my late teens/early twenties.

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  1. Servetus

    No question that Trump is a miserable excuse for a president. However, I’m really cautious about all of the Obama admiration that is being tossed around at the moment, because I think there is some problematic thinking going around. I admire Obama personally and his presidency will be remembered for the Affordable Care Act, no question. I share many of his political views. But apart from that, he has many black marks on his presidency including his utter failure to push through any domestic legislative or budget agenda after 2010. I think we’re in danger of deifying him because he was a better president than Trump and because he’s a decent human being, and I don’t think that is sufficient for me. (In other words, the same thing seems to be going on now that happened to Carter once Reagan became president.)

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    1. Obama admiration over here has been high for 9 years, which is unlike the US where I think his popularity has been more divided. I can see him being more popular now in the US in comparison to the current buffoonish president but over here he’s always been well-respected and loved by a vast majority of people, including me. Having said that, I hate to deify anyone, including Obama! I too see he isn’t perfect and that he hasn’t achieved some things I wish he had. I can’t comment on his domestic policies so much but internationally I would have liked to see more results from his peace efforts (he didn’t follow through on that front, I feel). However, for all his faults he has one huge thing going for him that he isn’t afraid to show: a warm heart that propagates tolerance! And that has my unwavering admiration.

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  2. Servetus

    I have a higher opinion of Merkel, too, than most of my German friends, so I get it. But yeah, I have a long list of things that I would hold Obama to account for if I ever met him.

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  3. Ich glaube er hat gerade ein superentspanntes und tolles Leben. Bei den Aufnahmen in Berlin hat man deutlich gemerkt wie gut er drauf ist und wie gut es ihm geht. Gegönnt sei es ihm!
    Wäre allerdings besser wenn er uns nicht so eine Triefnase hinterlassen hätte. Der Mann ist unglaublich, eine Witzfigur! Nur leider handelt es sich um den amerikanischen Präsidenten 😦

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