What Lucas does next…

Second attempt at this post (I had just published the first attempt and then inadvertantly deleted it while I was trying to tweak something about it quickly on my phone – sorry for any alerts people may have received that didn’t work!).

So, people say that Richard Armitage has been quiet on social media but my newest crush Lucas Bryant has been even quieter: nothing on his Twitter since the beginning of last December! I am pretty much up to date with all of his work that I could lay my hands on and am naturally very curious to see what he is up to next. I have not immersed myself into the fandom yet (my level of obsession ist still manageable) but I have been checking out his Twitter and IMDB page for news regularly.

Last week I worked on a new fan video for the show he did called Haven, set to one of my current fave songs called Human

… and then I checked his Twitter again (nothing) and for the first time in weeks tried his IMDB again as well. This time there was a positive result! Apparently Lucas is filming a new movie right now called Walk to Vegas, directed by his Haven co-star Eric Balfour.

At first I was very pleasantly distracted by his new IMDB profile picture (I just love the longer hair and stubble look and he has such a friendly face!)…

Lucas Bryant

… and then a Twitter “#WalkToVegas” search resulted in some lovely images too! There’s a cheeky picture, I understand it was taken just before filming started (the guy on the right is Eric Balfour, actor, and director of this movie)…

Lucas Bryant Walk to Vegas5

There was also a blue-lighted scene picture, with Lucas on the left…

Lucas Bryant Walk to Vegas3

… and there were a few group pictures (click to enlarge) with Lucas on the right, Lucas second from left and Lucas in the middle…

Let me just enlarge Lucas in that black and white picture for you…

Lucas Bryant Walk to Vegas4a

Yes, that’s right, the earthquake you just felt was me fainting to the floor! That scruffy look and that gaze straight into camera are just so… I am already so very much looking forward to seeing scruffy Lucas in action in this movie! I so hope I will get to see this (unlike some Armitage movies that have trouble getting released)…

3 thoughts on “What Lucas does next…

  1. He has a bit of a Pierce Brosnan look in the IMDB picture I think. (Just found out Lucas Bryant is from Canada. He’d been on Canadian TV before, but I don’t remember seeing him.)

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