The RA Challenge, part 4

And it’s the final part too (following on from parts 1, 2 and 3) of Guylty’s RA Challenge! Questions 25 to 31…


#25 Favourite Object/Prop in Context with a Character

The only object/prop that has prompted its own blog post on here was Daniel Miller’s bike on Berlin Station! Loved seeing Richard speed around on that bike. I felt it wasn’t featured enough on the show…

#26 Favourite Costume worn by RA

While researching this, I came to the conclusion that I like Richard to look grungy and scruffy in his roles! I first thought I’d answer Thorin Oakenshield here…

Thorin Oakenshield

…because I find that, although he looks fierce and magnificent, there is a huggable quality there as well! But in researching pictures of Richard in different roles (oh the chore!), I find that the costume that does something to my insides is Richard as John Proctor! I love him in that black coat with the collar standing up…

…or when he is seen without coat but with the linen shirt…

…or with no shirt at all (I even like the boots!)…

armitage proctor @washbasin

I also really liked him in civilian clothes as John Porter in Strike Back, especially in the first two episodes where he wore a scarf as well…

… and when his jacket came off, he then showed himself quite nicely in just jeans and a dirty, grungy t-shirt. The flimsy t-shirt shows off his physique and arms very well…

#27 Favourite Quote by a Character or RA

I don’t think I have a favourite Richard-quote, I’m not really one to remember quotes off the top of my head. Having said that, a few do spring to mind: “Look back at me”, or “You’ll not guess where I have been”, or “You don’t need Henry to explain”, or “You coming home with me?”, all of them from North and South. Yeah, I may have watched it too often…

Another quote that springs to mind is something he was quoted as saying in an interview once: “I was a beanpole with a nose I hadn’t grown into.”

#28 Favourite Climax (i.e. series finale, battle, conclusion of a subplot, etc.)

Well, I guess I just referenced it in the previous question. There are many climaxes that I liked that hit home with me, like the ending of The Crucible or Thorin dying in The Hobbit, John Porter rescuing the journalist in Strike Back or Harry proposing to Geraldine on The Vicar of Dibley. However, the climax I have watched most, hands down, is that train station finale of North and South. I really can’t count how often I have seen that, more than anything else in my life, I think! And it never gets old!

#29 A Moment That Made You Question Whether You Could Continue Fangirling For RA.

I was on a high when I discovered Richard in North and South and soon after I became very aware him, he also did Dibley and The Impressionists. I was Richard-obsessed at the time! But then he also did Guy of Gisborne on Robin Hood and Lucas North in Spooks and those characters really couldn’t entice me! I saw bits to start with but didn’t enjoy the shows and bailed. I postponed watching them for the longest time (even longer than I postponed watching the last 4 episodes of Berlin Station). I did later see things in Guy and Lucas that I found appealing, bits of Richard shining through, perhaps, but in those years (2008-2010 or so) I thought my Richard-obsessed days might be over. He was my fave (I’d still watch every interview and read every article and Christmas message) but not more or less so than my other fave Colin Firth. Then he did Strike Back and my attention was back into full-blown force. So much so, that he overtook Firth in my attention yet again and he has remained firmly in first place ever since!

#30 Will Anything Ever Replace RA in your Admiration?

When I was 15 I thought no one could surpass Gregory Peck…

When I was 30, I thought no one could surpass Colin Firth…

Now in my mid-forties, I think no one can surpass Richard Armitage!


But who knows what the future may bring? Never say never, but I can’t imagine surpassing feeling this level of involvement that I feel with Richard.

#31 What Would You Like to Say to RA Right Now?

I saw your latest tweet…

Armitage Farber tweets

Does this mean the London stage Oedipus and Antigone is happening at the beginning of 2018? I’ll so be there!

The End!

This challenge certainly deserved its name, finding answers to the questions was not always easy but it was always fun. Thanks Guylty! 🙂

13 thoughts on “The RA Challenge, part 4

  1. Sue Butcher

    It’s been so much fun following your blog in general and your RA Challenge responses, specifically. Thank you!!! I am very new to the ‘fandom’, and I’m almost embarrassed at how quickly I’ve flown through all RA’s performances and probably thousands of his fanvids, interviews, articles, etc. Though I’ve always been a cinephile, I have eclectic taste and have NEVER had what I can only call an obsession with one actor before. I still cannot figure out my response to him and his work. Anyway, I totally agree with answers 25,26,27,28 and 30. Answer #29 for me is the division in the fandom re: RA’s tweets and what I perceive as his withdrawal from social media (if not the fandom) as a result of the tone of some of people’s criticism of others’ opinions.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Welcome and thank you for your compliments and comments!
      So, what was your gateway drug to Richard? Yeah, response to Richard’s work can be intense, it’s been intense for me for 10 years or so! As much as I have loved, and still love, Gregory and Colin, I have never been as involved as I am with Richard. The first throes of passion have passed but the love and involvement are still very strong!
      Re. Division in the fandom. I don’t know whether his withdrawal from social media is about negativity and division in the fandom. He was never really good at the social media stuff anyway, maybe he’s just lost interest. There have always, from day one, been differing views and quarrels in the fandom, Twitter just makes these differences more apparent. For me the secret is to just keep to the little corner of the fandom I feel comfortable in. I only interact on my own blog and some other blogs I follow and other than that pick and choose what I do or don’t read. Above all I avoid all comments on Richard’s Twitter timeline. I hope you can find your own little corner as well where you feel comfortable and just ignore the stuff you don’t like. 🙂

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  2. Thorins Kostüme fand ich manchmal etwas überfrachtet. Am besten finde ich die Szene wo er all den Kram: Krönchen, Pelzumhang etc. von sich wirft um wieder in einfachem Gewande mit den Freunden in den Kampf zu ziehen……

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