New Richard and Colin trailers!

Thank goodness I have the day off work today or I would never be able to blog this much! Anyway, I’m already late to the game but this past weekend also brought new Richard and Colin trailers. 🙂

First off, a trailer for Richard Armitage’s film Pilgrimage

… with two screen grabs I just took off the trailer (not great quality, sorry!):

At the end of the trailer Richard is billed second but there’s quite little of him in this trailer, which to me suggests a not so large role in the film. Also, he wasn’t present during the whole shoot of the film either, just a few weeks of it, so that in itself suggests a supporting role to me as well. Supporting roles can be pivotal too, so, no matter: this is new Richard material and I’m excited!

Pilgrimage was premiered at the Tribeca film festival in New York this past weekend and Guylty has kindly collected some first responses on her blog. Perry has also been to the movie and has given her impression and Servetus provides a link to a Richard Armitage in Pilgrimage soundbite. I’m sure there’s more info to be found, but even I haven’t read it all yet, I have only skimmed… actual reading and analyzing is something I need to do later. 🙂 What is clear is that Richard is the baddie in this one and he speaks French and English with a French accent. Nice. I hope he’s a good baddie! And I hope we get to see it on screen over here as well soon.

The second trailer is for the second Kingsman movie, which I am sure we will get to see here as well. Colin Firth was in the first one and there was every reason to believe, that would be the only Kingsman movie he’d ever be in. Somehow, however, he’s made it into the second movie as well, and wearing an eye-patch too!

CF Kingsman 2

The trailer also begins with his voice in the voiceover…

Of course Mark Strong (I like him so much!) is back, as well as Taron Edgerton, but there are some nice new co-stars as well, like Jeff Bridges!

I enjoyed the first Kingsman movie, looks like I will enjoy this one too! I’m so curious to see how Colin Firth’s character fits into the whole story this time around…

Kingsman CF shave
GIF source

Pilgrimage and Kingsman 2: bring them on!



10 thoughts on “New Richard and Colin trailers!

  1. Thanks for the link love, Esther.
    BTW – I had the same impression re. the size of RA’s role in Pilgrimage. However, being billed at number 2 in the trailer (and the film), I asked those who had seen the film, whether Raymond de Merville is a lead character. They said he is…

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  2. Servetus

    There’s plenty of him in here — although I was a little puzzled that Bernthal wasn’t second billed. In any case, it’s definitely more than a small role or a cameo, although I think his and Bernthal’s roles would fall in the area of “supporting actor.”

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  3. Jaa das Kinoprogramm ist vielversprechend! Den Kingsman Trailer habe ich auch gerade gesehen und ich freue mich dass Colin Firth wieder dabei ist. Und so gut aussehend! Ich hoffe, nur dass Kingsman nicht zum young james Bond mutiert …..

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    1. Ja, hoffe auch, dass es die eigene Identität bewahren kann! Der erste Film hat Spass gemacht, hoffe der Zweite genauso! Ah… Colin…❤. Und Mark Strong, den mag ich auch sehr gerne, er ist auch wieder dabei. 🙂

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