Fangirling in London!

My son had a one-day (!!) class trip to London today. They left at midnight last night by bus to Calais, then ferry to Dover, then bus to London. They spent all day traipsing through the city and this evening the class goes back to the Netherlands but my son doesn’t… You see, I flew in to London this afternoon…

Leaving The Netherlands…
Entering England…

… and met my son this evening! While his friends have a long journey back all night, he has the luxury of sleeping in a bed here in my brother’s house. We’re having some mama & son time here in this great city, flying back home again on Sunday!

My visit here started well: I did some fangirling this afternoon while I was on my own – I walked by Emma Thompson’s house! She lives not far from where my brother lives in London and I just couldn’t resist. A nice, unassuming house in the middle of a row of houses. Very quiet street too… and no, Emma Thompson did not magically appear. I didn’t want to linger or stalk or anything, so after a quick look I walked on. It’s just nice to get a quick glimpse of how one of my fave actresses lives!

Some more fangirling when I saw this bag of one of my fave books in a bookstore…

… and this sign made me think of Richard Armitage in North and South when he mentions ‘Arkwright’s invention’

I love fangirling in London!

(This is my first time ever blogging on my phone… fingers crossed…)

16 thoughts on “Fangirling in London!

  1. Hooray for smartphones! That first time blogging worked extremely well.
    And hooray also for some mother-and-son quality time. Such a great idea to extend your son’s all-too-short stay and make a little trip for the two of you out of it. (I love hanging out with my teenage kids – it’s such fun, now that they are older…)
    And that bag is too-die-for.
    Keep enjoying London!

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  2. That sounds like fun! I had a great week of road trips with my teenage son last summer.
    I really like Emma Thompson too. Did you see “Stranger than Fiction”? She was really quirky in it.

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    1. Road trips with your son sound good!
      I have seen Emma Thompson in very many things. Also saw Stranger than Fiction way back when in the cinema, I think. I remember liking it but can’t quite remember the story anymore.


      1. It’s one of Will Farrell’s few serious roles… he’s an IRS auditor who starts to hear a voice narrating his life and realizes he’s in a novel that may not end well … Emma Thompson is the narrator/novelist. It’s a really interesting premise.


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