Berlin Station – I dit it!

I finally finished watching the last 4 episodes of Berlin Station! And I’m glad I did! I at first was hopeful about the show but soon got impatient with it. It couldn’t hold my interest and curiosity and I gave up on it a while back. Richard Armitage’s Daniel Miller, my main reason for watching the show, was too flat for my liking; I couldn’t sympathize with or hate him. Then there were all these story lines and their connection was being drawn out so long, I just lost patience. I watched up until episode 6 and somewhere last fall I just gave up. Even Richard couldn’t tempt me anymore. We’re almost half a year on now, I couldn’t see Richard in New York in Love, Love, Love and it’s been a while since I have been able to see anything new from him. So, in my need for new Richard material, I figured I’d finally give the rest of Berlin Station a go. I finished watching it last weekend and am now finally finding some extra time to blog about it. Beware of spoilers from here on in…

The show has somewhat redeemed itself for me. I really do love the city of Berlin as backdrop for this show and I do like that the characters are a little more difficult to pigeonhole. However, Daniel Miller still remains somewhat flat, more so than some of the other characters, even though in the last few episodes he did become a little more human to me. After Hector killed someone right before his eyes, Daniel seemed genuinely horrified, for instance; real feeling and Richard sucked me right in with his portrayal of that!

Armitage Berlin Station (8)Armitage Berlin Station (9)

We also got some nice profile shots…

And there was intense Daniel Miller with more apparent emotion…

There were sexy Daniel and Esther shots, even though it is doubtful to me whether he has any real feelings for her. He seems passionate and cold with her at the same time, and the coldness I don’t like. Does he even like her at all or is she just a means to an end? Still, there was some nice Daniel & Esther kissing…

… and after-kissing with even a post-coital sigarette…

Armitage Berlin Station (13)

By the last episode, the several story lines made more sense as they came together and it finally all clicked. I really liked how the team finally really started communicating with each other and rallied together to solve this and I like that Daniel became the voice of Thomas Shaw. Whistleblowing was ironically the only way for the team to survive this, which I liked, and I ended up also liking Hector a little more.

So, we are left with a pensive Daniel at the end of the show…

Armitage Berlin Station (28)

… and I am left feeling a little more positive about an upcoming season 2! I just hope they show a little more of the person Daniel is, he needs to be more rounded as one of the main characters. I really want to like him and I want to be able to root for him more. So, here’s to season two, let’s see what that brings…

10 thoughts on “Berlin Station – I dit it!

  1. Servetus

    I agree, let’s watch them kiss some more! 🙂

    I think I got so annoyed by episode 6 that it took me a while to recover. I definitely agree with you that the last two episodes work a little better — the story seems a bit more coherent than in previous episodes.

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  2. I watched the first 4 episodes. I was convinced WHO was Thomas Shaw by the 2nd episode and I just got bored. Now that I have the big screen television, I’ve burned them to DVD and I guess I’ll start again from the beginning.

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    1. Don’t start from the beginning, I think you can pick it up well enough from later. The who isn’t so much the surprise, it’s how they deal with the who that becomes interesting. As commented above, the last 2 episodes are best, they tie the story together. Overall, it all could have been told in far less than ten episodes, I felt.

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      1. I already did. I tried to watch the 5th episode on Thursday and just…. after 10 minutes said screw it. So I’ve rewatched the first 4 episodes and will probably watch a lot of it today. After Easter Service and Easter grilling!

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  3. You’ve got some nice profile shots there and kissing shots for sure! I’m looking forward to my hubby watching it with me when I watch it again… and then the long wait to see season 2!

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