Walking down memory lane…

Herba walked down memory lane on her blog today, looking back at what she did on April 9th these past few years. Then Guylty joined in and did the same, as did Servetus. And here I am, giving it a go as well… Only, when I looked back, I realized I have not been blogging that long! It’s only been 2.5 years for me, but it feels longer…

Maybe it feels like I have been blogging longer because I’d been struggling with wanting to write a blog for a long time before I actually started. I just never knew how to go about it. What theme do I choose? What audience should I have in mind? What form should I choose? Which platform? How often do I post? I’m so fickle, I can’t stick to one theme like ‘only movies’ or ‘only Richard Armitage’ and then the other questions just got too difficult. If I couldn’t think of a single blog-theme, the rest of it didn’t matter. Or so I thought.

I wrote exactly one post in May 2013, a ‘letter to John Green’, because I had enjoyed his book The Fault in Our Stars so much (I have not yet seen the movie, though) and then I went quiet again, trying to figure out all the questions above. At the time I thought maybe I could write my blog in letter form but after the first letter I just didn’t feel that was it. And sure, I’d written about a book, but what if I wanted to write about something totally different next, wouldn’t that be confusing to readers/audiences? I just couldn’t answer all my own questions, so the blogging-wish was left by the wayside for over another year.

Then The Crucible happened and the ‘summer of love’ with it. I was silently glued to Me+Richard for all the updates of fans reporting about seeing the play and finally in September 2014 (after having seen the play myself in July) the urge to write about it myself was so huge that I just went ahead and did it; I finally posted my own Crucible experience. I then decided to not limit myself to anything on my blog, just post what the hell ever I want to when the hell ever I want to. And my audience? Who the hell knew who they would be? I’d just write and see what came from that and I haven’t looked back since.  🙂

Themes have emerged since then. I blog about Richard Armitage a lot and Richard-readers have turned out to be my largest audience; I blog about Colin Firth, about other actors, about movies, sometimes music, an occasional book, politics, real life… and when I look back at April (9th) posts I see my two largest themes emerge: Richard and Colin!

My first April 9th post was in 2015 and was about a very special birthday gift I had received from my mother. I think painting it had also been therapy for her after the loss of my dear father just a few weeks before and I loved it and still do!

IMG_0651 w c

And that is also my only other April 9th post!

Last year my first post in April was on April 12th! It was about Colin Frith at a movie premiere with Helen Mirren…

… and featured Richard Armitage in La Palma where he was filming for Berlin Station…

RA La Palma3

So, that’s it, just two April 9th-ish posts and a lot of reminiscing on how I started blogging in the first place. On to another year of blogging and making more memories. 🙂

MTA: Herba has started a trend! More April 9th posts from Zeesmuse, Perry and Judiang!

14 thoughts on “Walking down memory lane…

  1. Servetus

    We’re glad you’re here — here’s to many more April 9th.

    I think the format question is one of the biggest things that bloggers struggle with — what am I writing, who is the audience?

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  2. Happy you are here!!!!

    I have those same question about what I wanted my blog to be. I’ve only been around 3 years, but I think it’s morphed into what it wants to be, not what I want it to be.

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  3. Bravo – lovely to read your memories. And when I see that it was this day two years ago you showed us the beautiful watercolour by your mother, I am inclined to think that it is no coincidence. Because that image being your header picture, I totally associated that with your blog, and I have never forgotten the post in which you told us about it. Still a great painting!
    As for the format questions – I don’t find you fickle at all, and sometimes I find myself feeling envious of your freedom to blog about whatever you like to blog about, not just Armitage. I am glad that I am not only following Armitage-only blogs, but some which talk about a variety of things. It’s always interesting to read your observations! Here’s to many more!!

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    1. Yes, that is funny that I should blog about blogging and my header picture is featured!
      Gotta say that this blog has become more Armitage centered than I thought it would be… maybe I am less fickle than I thought. Also gotta say that I am happy I feel free to blog about other stuff too, it just feels right for me. 🙂

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  4. That painting by your mother is just lovely! And I enjoy your blog on your variety of topics.
    I, too, had thought about blogging for a while before I started. I couldn’t think of a blog name that wasn’t taken! But after a while, writing posts in my head and having nowhere to put them got to be too much! I finally just picked a title and went for it. Like you, i’m going with the flow.

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    1. Your process sounds very familiar to me! And I’m glad you’ve joined the blogging gang!
      Oh, gosh, yes, blog title! I’m still not sure I have the right one but as I couldn’t decide on a set blog theme, I figured I’d just feature my own name. Not very original, but I figured books are about stories and in blogging you’re always telling some sort of story. Well, maybe more rambling, but still… And I was named after Esther in the book of Esther from the bible (all my siblings have biblical names too). Of course, people may get confused by the title thinking I’m very religious or something, which I am not. Well, whatever. It’s the title I chose in desperation and I’ll just continue running with it. 🙂

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  5. This is a lovely coincidence indeed, that April is the month you wrote about this beautiful painting, i remember it well! And glad you decided to write the blog, format and audience sort of tend to work themselves out i find 🙂


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