Needing new Richard material…

Releases in Bulgaria, Taiwan, Thailand… Brain on Fire is apparently more interesting for the Eastern (Europe /Asia) market than for the Western (Europe/US) market. I saw this image from the movie on my Twitter timeline this week…


… and for that shot alone I want to see this movie! I have a soft spot for profile/bearded Richard, he’s also looking sharp in a suit and then he has this sweet look/smile on his face… yep, makes me go weak in the knees! When I look at this I can even forgive him for silly (re)tweets! I look at profile-with-beard-Richard every day, he’s on my Crucible poster with signed ticket in my dining room…

… and I can never get enough of that look!

Also, the doting daddy thing – I’d really like to see Brain on Fire for that as well. There were already some doting Richard-daddy pics out there (scroll through posts here and here to see them), with this cropped picture so far as my favourite (I think you can see the pattern emerging here – beard… profile…)

BOF2 crop

And some newer doting daddy shots have recently emerged as well…

… more profiles and half profiles! When is this movie coming out here already?! I understand it is supposed to be released on Netflix, but when?

Right now, I don’t think Richard has any doting-daddy thoughts on his mind. He’s having fun in Berlin with his leading ladies, where the new Berlin Station series has just started shooting…

RA, MF, MT Berlin Station filming 2017RA, MT and BS team at dinner 2017

Maybe what I need to do before I finally get to see Brain on Fire is finally finish watching the last 4 episodes of Berlin Station, series one… As much as I love Richard, I have not been loving Daniel Miller so much, so I have put off watching those final 4 episodes. However, the desire for a fix of new Richard material is getting stronger and stronger. Maybe the time has finally come to finish Berlin Station then…

RA BS work chair 2017

I’d better be off! No time like the present before I lose my nerve… 🙂


16 thoughts on “Needing new Richard material…

  1. Looks like BoF is worth a watch just for the gorgeous images of Mister A.! I like his profile too, and especially when he is bearded.

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  2. BoF is going to be a feast for daddy!Armitage fans… I wonder what RA himself thinks about now being cast as father to grown-up children…
    It’s nice to see all the pictures here in one spot.

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  3. I am saying this not at all in a snarky way — if you enjoy the Hallmark Channel (or its more sophisticated stuff), you should really like this film.

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    • Ah yes, Hallmark! I really do like Hallmark movies in a non-challenging, feelgood kinda way. They never (by far) become my favourite movies but there are some very enjoyable ones out there. I admit to hoping for a little more for ‘Brain on Fire’ for the acting power alone, not only because of Richard, but I quite like Carrie-Anne Moss too. However I have a feeling that especially Moretz won’t be living up to what I hope for (I just don’t feel anything click when I look at her) and as the story is about her… well, we’ll see. So, sure, I’ll be happy enough for a good Hallmark-type film but secretly I still hope for more. 🙂

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  4. […] Love, Love and it’s been a while since I have been able to see anything new from him. So, in my need for new Richard material, I figured I’d finally give the rest of Berlin Station a go. I finished watching it last […]


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