I love glasses!

I wear glasses, have worn them ever since I was 11. I always refused to get lenses, that always looked like too much trouble and work, and glasses are easy. You wipe them clean and put them on your nose and you’re done. Yeah, there are down sides, like when you go to a swimming pool, or when you bike in the rain, but mostly I like them… no… I actually love a nice pair of glasses on a woman or a man! For me personally I feel bare and less attractive without glasses than with them. I have always refused to accept that anyone could be deemed less attractive just because they wear glasses. I hate these makeover movies where a girl with glasses gets made over without glasses and suddenly she is beautiful. One of the reasons why I liked one of my fave Hallmark movies Cloudy with a Chance of Love is that the heroine starts out with glasses, gets made over without glasses to look ‘more beautiful’ but in the end returns back to glasses again and that the guy actually prefers her that way!

I have multifocals now and two years ago my husband started wearing glasses as well… we’re in our forties, it happens. He doesn’t need his all the time but wears them often enough and I just love it.

So, with my soft spot for glasses, I was thrilled when earlier this week somewhat blurry pictures appeared of Richard Armitage wearing them too! He too is in his forties and for him too this happens. I’ve loved seeing him wear glasses on The Vicar of Dibley, even though it was only briefly…

… I didn’t really like Into the Storm that much but I admit to watching the beginning of the movie over and over again when he briefly wears glasses as well…

Of course we have seen Richard in sunglasses often enough…

… but to know that he needs them (for reading at least) in real life really thrills me in a way! I find it sexy. Alas the pictures of him wearing them at the Berlin Station read-through aren’t that clear (I cropped the pictures here)…

… so I am hoping that in the future we will get more and better Richard Armitage wearing glasses pictures! Maybe he can re-enact this cool one of Gregory Peck… yeah, these are not ‘real’ glasses but sunglasses, but still I just love this picture!


7 thoughts on “I love glasses!

  1. Servetus

    You don’t think he was wearing those glasses in preparation for his upcoming role as Richard Armitage? 🙂

    I’ve had them since I was 7 myself and I can’t imagine anything different either. I think they’re really attractive as well. They give Armitage a whole different vibe. Even protective goggles like in that Hobbit archery BTS thing. Or maybe he is just concentrating more when he wears them?

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  2. Und den meisten Männern stehen die coolen Sonnenbrillen soooo gut! Dürfen sie gerne öfter tragen 🙂
    Ich habe leider kein Brillengesicht 😦
    Gregory Peck, cooler Gentleman ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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