#MerkelTrump humour

I am not going into a big political argument post here. If you read here, you may have already gathered where my political sympathies lie…

I have been following some of German chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit to Donald Trump in the US. I don’t know how the visit has exactly been received in the US, but here it seems to generally have been perceived as Trump embarrassing himself yet again. The internet has feasted on this and I just had to share! After all, the only way I can try to survive this disastrous US presidency is partake in the humour created by others and be grateful that others too keep on seeing the absolute ridiculousness (is that a word?) of this man.

As far as I could tell two events of this visit were singled out in Twitter humour. One is the handshake that didn’t happen in the Oval office. Yes, they did shake hands on other occasions during the visit but on this occasion Trump snubbed her and Merkel gave a little grimace. She does look at him like a mother looks at an over-indulged, spoilt child…


This one below says “Did you tidy up your room? Look at me when I’m talking to you!”


And a lewd one…


Then there was the moment during the press conference when Merkel did a double take and looked at Trump with a WTF expression on her face…

merkeltrump gif


Yep, comments followed on Twitter…


I so would have liked to be a fly on the wall of Merkel’s plane home to Germany and hear what she really thought of it all…


24 thoughts on “#MerkelTrump humour

  1. *muhahahahaha* I saw both instances in the news, too, and laughed out loud at it. The look of utter surprise on Merkel’s face, when Trump suggested they had something in common (i.e. having been the victims of Obama’s surveillance)… priceless. The word ‘flabberghasted’ has never been more appropriate. And then the refusal to shake hands. Have you noticed how Trump literally moves away from Merkel when she leans in a bit to suggest they give the photographers a handshake? What a silly bunt… I think his behaviour completely and utterly embarrasses, no, disqualifies the man. If he wants to be taken seriously by any other high-ranking official, he better start shaping up on manners. What a toddler!

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  2. ROFL. These are good.

    American here – yes most of us think this is just the latest in a long line of WTFs from this man. Amusing, yes, but a distraction from whatever agency created to protect us that he’s silencing or shutting down this week.

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    • Yeah… so scary, I feel so bad for you having to deal with such a man as the leader of your country. It’s hard for an outsider to accept and even worse for you, I know. 😦


  3. My impression is that the US Left is more or less a combination of horrified and amused, the people who support Trump are asking what the big deal is (Trump could lead them off a cliff, they’d follow) because they don’t understand what is at stake in the US-German relationship and/or they don’t understand how NATO is funded (why should they, if Trump clearly doesn’t), and the traditional conservatives who are not Trump supporters are doing what they’ve been doing for two months now: gritting their teeth. Add to this the feminist subset (this was admittedly my first response to the pictures / vid) that saw the look of a man who had decided he didn’t have to pay attention to a woman he didn’t think was “hot.” The big internal domestic issue in the US is the administration’s budget proposal, which appeared on Thursday.

    re: Merkel — she’s outlasted two US presidents already and I imagine she gave him a serious earful in the meeting about various international agreements he’s putting in jeopardy.

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    • I wonder if she’ll outlast a 3rd… elections in Germany soon as well.
      I’ve been hearing quite terrifying things about the budget he’s proposing, so yeah, I can imagine the focus being on that!
      As for the sexist aspect – yes, that crossed my mind as well. She’s much smarter than him too, which I can imagine he doesn’t much like either…


      • She’s much smarter than most people, and Germans [you know I love you guys] are not hesitant to let people know when they are smarter or better informed — it’s a fairly severe culture clash in that regard.

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        • LOL! Yes! When I was 19 I did a study trip with German and US students. I was the only Dutch one, sorta caught in the middle. Let’s say the interaction at times was… interesting… 😉


          • yeah, don’t throw down with a German unless you already know you’re willing to argue to the bitter end, because most of them sure are, lol. The crucial difference (Americans having their own strip of “knowitallness”) is that Germans are nine times out of ten better informed. Ah well. I learned a lot about standing up for myself in Germany, so it has its good sides.


  4. Ha ha ha! I said exactly the same to my friend about loving to know what she really thought! Guess it’s written all over her face though! These are up there with the Obama-Joe… memes! Brilliant 🙂

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  5. Priceless! (And unfortunately horrifying.)

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  6. Trump’s bad manners are symptomatic of all the rest. But it’s good to be able to laugh about it. I love the expression on her face when she seems to be gazing at his hand…

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  7. Ach Herrjemine – tut das gut! Die Nachrichten sind zur Zeit, wenn überhaupt, nur noch mit Humor zu ertragen. Besonders aus weiblicher Sicht…
    Herzlichen Dank für diese gelungene Aufheiterung!
    Beim Rückflug von Frau Merkel wäre ich übrigens auch sehr gerne Mäuschen gewesen. Die Tatsache, dass selbst ihr zeitweise die Gesichtszüge entglitten sind, lässt tief blicken. Sie war sicherlich alles andere als zufrieden, auch wenn sie wahrscheinlich sowieso nicht allzu hohe Erwartungen an dieses Treffen mit Trump hatte. Mittlerweile ist sie recht kampferprobt und hat in ihrem Leben schon einige Männer (weit) hinter sich gelassen, die sie unterschätzt hatten.

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  8. waaah – lol!
    Köstlich, herzlichen Dank für die Zusammenfassung. Ja sie ist schon eine grande dame und nimmt alles mit Haltung und Größe. Wer sich mit einem solchen Clown arrangieren muss ohne in hysterisches Lachen oder Heulen auszubrechen, der sollte einen Orden bekommen.
    Wenn der Mann nicht den Finger auf dem Bombenknopf hätte wäre er einfach nur lächerlich. Aber unberechenbar und durchgeknallt ist eine super gefährliche Mischung 😦

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