Election relief!

So, we had elections here in The Netherlands two days ago. There were real fears that after Brexit won in the UK and Trump won in the US, the Netherlands would move to the right as well! While the election results are still right leaning, at least the right wing anti-islam party PVV (with the horrible Geert Wilders at the helm) did not win the elections. For a long time PVV and the VVD (also right, but a little less so) were tying for first place in the polls. Thankfully my worst fear didn’t become a reality! Here are the election results (taken from The Economist website), from left-wing parties on the left of this graph to the right-wing parties on the right:

Dutch election results 2017 Economist

This election result shows that the Dutch are not interested in a Nexit (Netherlands exiting the EU) and that, although our country too is moving to the right, the Dutch are cautious about an extreme-right agenda. Can you hear my huge sighs of relief as I type this?

Our current PM is called Mark Rutte, he is also leader of the VVD. The past 5 years the VVD formed a government with PvdA (our Labour party) but they lost very big this election. I too was very disappointed in PvdA performance in this past government, so I totally understand that the left has moved to other parties. Now a new coalition government will need to be formed with a total of 76 seats or more in parliament to form a majority. As the VVD remains the largest party, Mark Rutte will probably become PM again. He vowed during the elections he would not rule with the extreme right PVV and I really really hope he keeps that promise! Although PVV didn’t win as much as hoped, they have still grown since the last election. They are the second largest party now and that remains scary.

Anyway, it looks like it will be Mark Rutte again for PM. He’s been PM since 2010…


I am not a Rutte fan, I’m so not a VVD fan, but it looks like we’re stuck with both for the next 5 years. I’d rather have a new PM… If the VVD rules together with D66 (good party and ruling with them looks like a real possibility), their party leader Alexander Pechtold could also be a PM candidate…


I really like Pechtold. He’s  a good debater and has been one of the best vocal opposers to the PVV party of Geert Wilders (I refuse to post a picture of Wilders here – look him up on Google if you want to see what he looks like).

If the Green Party becomes part of the coalition, their young leader Jesse Klaver is really good too (also good in opposition to PVV)…


… but I don’t think he really is PM material just yet.

The coming weeks will be interesting, finding out how the government will be formed. The parties that want to form the government will now have to negotiate with each other on how they want to rule the country. That can be really tricky because each party will have to give and take to come to such a ruling-agreement… It can take up to a few months before a new government can finally be formed. I so very much hope D66 can do better in government than the Labour party has done… Onwards and upwards they say, right?

MTA: I’m not even looking at the Christian Democrat leader Sybrand Buma for PM, I think I’d rather have Rutte…

16 thoughts on “Election relief!

  1. Servetus

    watching these electoral results, country after country, is so much like looking at the history of voting in Weimar that it’s scary. Glad you’ve escaped for the foreseeable future, anyway. I totally understand the relief that “at least” the governing party is conservative (as opposed to populist).

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    1. Yeah, that’s something. I would have far preferred a more left-wing outcome but that was never quite in the cards. I just hope that if D66 will rule along with VVD, they can temper VVD policies somewhat. PvdA was never quite able to do that these past 5 years, which was really disappointing.


      1. Servetus

        Well — if what happened in Europe in the 20s and 30s is an index, what we should hope to see in these moments of electoral instability is a more centrist government. When left and right polarize, historically there are always more voters on the right.

        I suppose it depends on how badly VVD wants that coalition, no? In terms of what they will compromise on? I’m guessing at the moment they’d want it quite badly.

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    1. Maybe those results scared some people… I don’t know. People haven’t sounded very sensible up to the election. I think the Dutch now look more sensible than we really are… 😉

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  2. Wir haben mit Sorge zu Euch rübergeblickt, aber auf die Niederländer ist offensichtlich Verlass 🙂
    Gut gemacht!!
    Bin gespannt auf unsere Wahlen im Mai und im September und hoffe, dass die Afd nicht allzuviele Prozente holt. Ihr Wahlprogramm ist einfach nur erschreckend rechtsradikal. Ich hoffe, dass der gesunde Menschenverstand bei den Wählern im Wahlhäuschen nicht aussetzt…..

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    1. Ich drücke so ganz fest die Daumen, dass die Afd nicht zu viele Stimmen kriegt! Am liebsten keine, natürlich, aber leider ist das nicht die Realität…
      Hier hat unser Rechtsradikaler zum Glück nicht gewonnen aber er ist trotzdem zweit grösste geworden! Ich finde das auch erschreckend…

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    1. Yes, 80%! This time it was a historic high, I think. People felt the importance of this one. Maybe it will be the same in Germany in a few weeks. I hope so!


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