Colin, Richard and a nun’s blessing

In the midst of a diplomatic row between Turkey and The Netherlands (elections here in two days, this is apparently the best time for rows) I like to focus attention on more positive things. So, here are a few pictures I’d like to share from the past weeks…

Captivating Colin Firth graciously and with big smiles received roses (it looks like he’s hugging them too!) and a kiss from a fan, all nicely caught on camera a few weeks ago:

He was also seen in a turtleneck sweater (I love turlenecks!), filming scenes for the Love Actually revival for comic relief, which will be shown on the BBC at the end of next week, I believe!

I am already looking forward to that!

In addition there are also Richard Armitage pics to share. First off a quick sighting this past weekend at JFK, with Richard striding by in a flash (thanks for the find, Servetus!)

Richard JFK march 2017 crop

Whereas there are regular Colin sightings at airports, there are only a few Richard ones, so I really lap these up! There were also some riveting Richard pictures, shared last week, of him with Michelle Forbes and Tamlyn Tomita and dogs…

RA march 2017RA2 march 2017

Apparently shared on Michelle’s instagram account, I first came across it via Moose Turd’s twitter. Especially that first picture with the three of them laughing with the dog has me riveted… A very nice and handsome man laughing with women and a dog – it hardly gets better than that!

And there’s more feelgood stuff! Last night was the season 6 finale of the BBC’s Call the Midwife. One of the main characters, Shelagh Turner (played by Laura Main) gave birth to a baby. After the baby was delivered by Sister Julienne (Jenny Agutter), she smiled and said the following blessing (I have put the words on my screencaps):

Call the Midwife Aaron's Blessing

I am not religious but this blessing (called Aaron’s blessing, from Numbers 6:24-26 in the bible) is very special to me. It’s a little longer than the part Sr Julienne says…

The Lord bless you and keep you;
the Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you;
the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.

… and it was my dad’s favourite blessing to say to his loved ones. He said it at my wedding, at my oldest brother’s grave and every Christmas to all his grandkids.

In all the turbulence of the news out there right now, it is comforting to know there is still (memories of) happiness and warmth to go around. 🙂

22 thoughts on “Colin, Richard and a nun’s blessing

  1. Servetus

    Somehow Richard w/dogs does not provide the huge dopamine rush for me, but I did LOVE that airport picture. It’s true we need some wonderful fantasy at the moment. I hope Turkey and the Netherlands calm down — I’ve been reading about it in the paper.

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    1. Colin and Richard are linked in my imagination. they make me joyful and thankful, for their work and lovely leading ladies. Turkey and Netherlands are big boys, hopefully they don’t believe the US model of leadership.

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    2. An even greater dopamine rush would be Richard cuddling a cat! But chances of that are slim, I think…
      It may calm down a bit hopefully after elections.


  2. Ihr seid bei uns in allen Medien mit Eurer Türkeipolitik, 🙂 aber ich finde es gut und unsere Politiker ziehen grade nach. Schöne Fotos, danke! Was fürs herz ❤
    Das ist die letzte Staffel von den midwifes oder? Schade, bei uns läuft es zur Zeit nicht und auf der BBC verpasse ich es meist….

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  3. Always a joy to see Colin, such a classy handsome man and Richard rushing through the airport with those long legs I imagine quite the blur. The dog photos love them. I am a push over for furchildren, ah but the blessing — beautiful, made for a beautiful peaceful ending. If only the words could leave concentric circles around the world.

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  4. squirrel.0072

    Peut-être cette grande valise contient toute une collection variée de chaussures à tête de chiens?
    Les noms suivants ont été choisis à votre attention “Chien de Canaan”, “Smous des Pays-Bas”,

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  5. janesteinmiller

    An abundance of happy things, with one to remind us how crazy the world is now. Colin always looks good in a turtleneck, and always strikes me as a gentleman. It would be interesting to see them do a project together. I loved the dog pics when I saw them, partly because it made me happy that he was with his Californian Berlin ladies, even though they’ll be back together soon, partly because he had such joy with the dogs, but mostly because they’re really great shots of him. Of course, I’m happy he’s home, and close by for a little bit too.

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    1. Yes! So relieved! I’m not a huge fan of our current PM but he’s tolerable. The populist right is still large, 2nd largest party, but no one wants to rule with him. I hope the PM will at least keep that election promise.

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  6. Few peeps pull off roll necks like Colin, gotta be long and lean and have a long neck 🙂
    Your dad sounds like a warm person full of wisdom, happy to read all your memories about him 🙂

    Rich always has these enormous suitcases.. i guess goes with show business, i find the more i travel the less i carry 🙂

    And phew on the election results, better than expected thank God but still the left lost enormous amounts of seats, at least some went to the green party thankfully.

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    1. My dad really was. 🙂
      The Green Party and D66 (another left-center party) were big winners, so that’s something! Alas not big enough to form a government together.


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