Library flash mobs

A little PS to my Mach’ Was libraries post. I was looking at pictures in other library posts that Die Pö has so nicely collected for this challenge and somehow I suddenly thought of this video that I had first seen quite some time ago! It’s a choir flash mob in the public library of Valladolid (Spain), wish I had been sitting there in that library at that time! I absolutely love this:

Apparently there are more library flash mobs out there, like this one in the Manchester Central Library:

And a happy one in one of Harvard’s libraries:

In downtown Seattle library, there’s a STOMP flash mob and they use library books, book carts and bins:

And here’s a heartwarming one, made for the 60th birthday of a librarian in a Long Island library:

And ‘Halleuja’ at Wexford public library, where some singers hid their music in library books:

There are even more to be found on YouTube, just type in ‘flash mob library’ and a whole array awaits you. Aren’t libraries cool? 🙂

7 thoughts on “Library flash mobs

  1. A library seems like a great place to have a flash mob (as long as it doesn’t go on too long, lol). US libraries are really changing, too. When I was a student there was no food and drink in the library at all in the undergrad library and now there’s a café there, right inside.

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  2. […] Auch Esther erzählt uns über die Bibliotheken ihres Lebens und teilt außerdem einige ziemlich coole Videos von Bibliotheksflashmobs. […]


  3. And after you posted this, I thought of these librarians 🙂

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