Jobs and fangirling…

Good news first: I finally found a job! Due to budget cuts my last job ended at the end of last summer. I have been doing little bits of freelance stuff for my former employer here and there since, but nothing close to what could constitute a real and steady job. I’ve sent many applications and have had quite a few job interviews and finally that has paid off! I had a second interview at an organization I really liked yesterday for a job that will be challenging but I think also fun. They were going to let me know on Thursday but an hour after I left the office I was called and already offered the job! Next week I go in for a 3rd interview to discuss actual salary, working hours, etc. but that shouldn’t be a problem… I still have a few freelance things lined up from my former employer so I hope to start in my actual new job by mid March. Eeek! 🙂

The good thing about being out of work for a while is that I have had more time than ever to fangirl. Hence the time I had to binge-watch 5 seasons of Syfy Channel’s Haven with my new crush Lucas Bryant. Hence the time to make video clips and, yes, today even finish an actual Haven fan video (with plenty of touching and kissing in it, because the only touch Nathan can feel is Audrey’s)…

Laid back life will be over soon… I’ll be back to working 30-32 hours (which I haven’t done in a long time, my former job was 24 hours a week), I’ll continue teaching Dutch 2 hours a week to my Polish and Italian students, I might be doing some more occasional freelance stuff for my former employer, not to mention carving out time for family! I have a fear my fangirling will start to suffer somewhat… Sad in a way (because I really love fangirling!), but I do admit to being happy that I will finally have a steady work-purpose again soon! Not to mention the fact that the extra income will be very welcome again… Yes, times they are a-changing…

23 thoughts on “Jobs and fangirling…

  1. Congratulations Esther. Sounds great – and a lot on your plate between several jobs and family. But after so many months of looking, you are probably gagging to work in a permanent job again. Maybe, once you are settled, the fangirling will provide you with a bit of light relief at the end of the day.

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    1. Danke!
      Das tolle ist, dass eine sehr gute und nette ex-Kollegin von mir schon dort arbeitet! Sie hat mir gesagt, dass da eine Stelle freikommt und dachte es würde sehr gut zu mir passen. Und sie hat recht gehabt. 🙂 Sie wird eine nächste Kollegin werden, da freue ich mich auch schon drauf.

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  2. Really happy for you as it sounds like something you are looking forward to and will enjoy! Fingers x for it and congratulations!! And hopefully with the new job will also come possibilities of planning new holidays too 😉 And sometimes the oddest times allow for a bit of fangirling 😉

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